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Eine kleine Nachtmusik, (German: “A small Night Music”) byname that Serenade No. 13 in G Major, K 525, serenade for 2 violins, viola, cello, and dual bass through Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, admired because that its lively, joyful quality and also its memorable melodies. The item was completed on respectable 10, 1787, but was released posthumously. In contemporary practice, it is generally performed in orchestral arrangement.

Although it initially denoted an evening track for courtship, the hatchet serenade by the late 18th century to be used generally to explain a chamber work intended for light entertain on a social occasion. Serenades enjoyed an excellent popularity in south-central Europe, an especially in Vienna, where Mozart spent the last decade of his life. At that time, it to be customary because that ensembles to perform serenades in Vienna’s parks and also gardens, and the development of together pieces came to be a rewarding source of income for composers.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, oil top top canvas by Barbara Krafft, 1819.
Alfredo Dagli Orti—REX/Shutterstock.com

Mozart produced plenty of serenades, the 13th of which, nicknamed Eine kleine Nachtmusik, is his ideal known. The four-movement occupational opens with a shining allegro in sonata form, and also a slow, lyrical second movement follows. The third movement is a light minuet, and the finale is a fast rondo. Originally, the piece contained a 2nd minuet, however that movement has been lost. The details occasion, if any, because that which Eine kleine Nachtmusik to be composed has actually never to be determined.

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Regardless that its initial performance context, Eine kleine Nachtmusik became one that Mozart’s most well-known pieces. In the late 20th century, the figured prominently in the Academy Award-winning biopic Amadeus (1984) as the character of Italian composer Antonio Salieri (Mozart’s nemesis in the film yet not in actual life) lamented the he himself had not created the commonly admired work, together it became far more familiar than Salieri’s very own works. In the 21st century, Eine kleine Nachtmusik remained among the most commonly performed and also iconic the all classic compositions.