Flag no one Fail Takes proud in our technique to the apparel world. The pride, occupational ethic, and passion is what separates us from other brands.

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Sadly, it has come to be common to mindlessly pump out large quantities that clothing and rake in profits — our line way more to united state than that! 

From our an extremely beginning, we have actually endeavored to administer our customers with restricted hand printed items that represent who we are.

We desire to create apparel that is unique; clothes that as soon as you wear it, you understand it was made to represent something an ext than a garments line. We desire our client to wear ours apparel through the same pride that went into developing each print. Ours customers and also our pan are among only a couple of people in the human being to very own these distinctive and restricted items.

The beauty, beauty of the print process comes from the effort going right into each and every print. All prints are one of a type with attributes that do them truly their own. The unique details are what makes these items for this reason special. Everything from the lot of octopus applied and also laid ~ above the item, to the placement on the item; every one of these factors adjust slightly indigenous one item to the next. 

We put the work into every product, before it ever before gets come you. The printing process is a an individual experience, and also we dedicate our time and effort into producing each individual piece. We take pride in every one of our goods and also so should you.

We give thanks to you for your loyalty, support, and also belief in every one of our brands as you proceed to placed the work in, everyday, in every aspect of her lives. 




Flag nor fail is one anthem for the human being who understand that over there is no surrender and no failure. Flag no one Fail is a perspective that will never wave a white flag and also admit defeat. No Surrender, No Failure. 



All items are limited in quantity and may contain imperfections in the prints. The beauty, beauty of our process is that no 2 prints are identical. This is what provides FNF special. As result of the hand-printed nature and also effort the goes into every items in the line, our standing list is an extremely small. Please recognize that returns and exchanges may be a longer process than we would like as result of our restricted quantities and sell-outs. 

Once items sell-out, they will certainly not it is in reprinted and will no much longer be available.


Delivery take away 10–15 service days inside the states when selecting the basic $5.99 shipping method (USPS/FedEx). For customers that would prefer the FedEx 2-Day or FedEx typical Overnight shipping methods the order have to be placed prior to 2pm EST to insurance those shipment times. Orders put after that time will be processed the next company day. (FedEx does not deliver to P.O. Boxes, so unfortunately the 2-Day options are not available for those shipping to a P.O. Box; we"re sorry!) FedEx 2-Day and also Overnight both execute not deliver on weekends. 

Orders placed after 2PM top top Fridays, and throughout the weekends, will be processed on Mondays. Please keep in mind that also if 2-Day is selected, it will not it is in processed until the next business day.

On occasion, we perform not have the whole order printed and also we have to print the shirt come order. In these cases, the order might take slightly much longer to acquire to you. If this happens, we will make every effort to inform you that the issue. 

For international orders, please keep in mind that in some situations your country may fee you duties, taxes, or income fees. We have no control over those and also are no responsible for those fees! 

Flag nor Fail is no responsible because that stolen or shed packages, packages sent to the not correct address, or for refunding or replacing packages in these cases. The customer is responsible for filing all claims. Flag nor Fail is not responsible for any kind of package(s) when it is in the hand of USPS or FedEx.

*Any order, residential or international, the is returned earlier to us for either having an inadequate address, not correct address, unclaimed, etc., the customer will need to pay because that reshipment of the package. We do not cover/reimburse for shipping expenses in regards to a return/exchange.


To certain the quality and integrity that the garment, we imply washing lock on maker wash cold, through an early stage water temp not exceeding 30°C or 65–80°F.

All garments and also fabrics are blends, or pre-shrunk to ensure a true fit after washing. To keep the print as well as possible it is said to wash the garment inside the end ( with the printed side in ).



We are always looking for brand-new exposure, and also opportunities come branch out. If you recognize of an event that we may be a great fit for simply let united state know!Click here to contact us!


We do not offer wholesale, and are not interested in distributor accounts. FLAG nor FAIL deserve to only it is in bought top top rewildtv.com.

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 PROBLEMS OR worries NOT already COVERED…

If friend have any issues that have actually not been covered on this page, pleasecontact us and we will get back to friend in bespeak to assist you resolve the issue as quickly as possible.