What perform the initials in reality stand because that ?I recognize them as front wheel drive, rear wheel drive and also mid engine.

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I"m guessing front-front, front-rear, and also mid-rear? where the second letter means the control wheels. Don"t quote me on this just a guess

FF - former Engine, prior Wheel Drive.FR - prior Engine, rear Wheel Drive.MR - Mid-Engine, behind Wheel Drive.

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・Drivetrain/AspirationIndicates wherein a car"s engine is located, and also whether it powers the former or behind wheels. The various varieties of drivetrain are as follows:FF (Front Engine/Front-Wheel Drive): Both steering and transmission the engine power space done totally through the former wheels. This kind of drivetrain places good stress top top the prior wheels, making it unsuitable for high-powered engines.FR (Front Engine/Rear-Wheel Drive): Steering is done with the prior wheels, if engine power istransfer with the rear wheels. This kind of drivetrain gives excellent front-rear weight balance. The is reasonably well-suited come high-powered engines, though as soon as a certain limit is reached, traction control and other features become necessary.MR (Mid-Engine/Rear-Wheel Drive: The engine is situated in the middle of the car"s body, make this type of drivetrain great for cornering. That is relatively well-suited come high-powered engines, and is frequently used in racing cars.RR (Rear Engine/Rear-Wheel Drive): through this form of drivetrain, the engine is placed also farther back than the rear wheels which power the car. The behind wheels additionally bear the mass of the car"s weight, definition that this drivetrain provides an excellent acceleration. RR drivetrain cars do not turn very well, however, and also it take away time to get used to your handling.4WD (Four-Wheel Drive): The engine"s power istransfer with all four wheels. The amount of stress placed on each tire is reduced, an interpretation that this form of drivetrain is well-suited come high-powered engines. In principle, 4WD cars tend not to rotate well, though over there are electronic devices available to get over this specific flaw."Aspiration" describes the method through i m sorry an engine suck in air. NA (naturally aspirated) engines usage the an adverse pressure created when the pistons come down to suck in air. This is the most usual method. T (turbo) and SC (supercharged) engines use generators or rotors come forcefully sucking in air. Both the T and SC aspiration approaches involve pushing compressed air through the engine. This burns more fuel and usually produces higher max power and also max torque 보다 an NA engine through the exact same displacement figure. EV suggests that the car"s engine is aspirated using an electrical motor.