There is a common Japanese word that you frequently times check out as component of a Japanese restaurant’s name below in America. The is words Ichiban and also you order it with the kanji 一番.

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But what does this indigenous mean? and also how do you use it? ns will describe the Ichiban meaning in Japanese now.

First off, words ichiban is comprised of two different words. The first word is ichi 一 which method the number “one” in Japanese.

And the second word that is used is ban 番 which way “number in a series.”

一番 (ichiban) therefore way “number one” and is regularly used to indicate exactly how things location in position against each other. A an excellent example would be like, that took first place (一番) in a race vs. Who took 2nd (二番) and also so on.

And below are the outcomes of the race:

一番 Mario二番 Yoshi三番 Luigi四番 Bowser

But wait! yes sir more.

In English we often use #1 as a synonym for “the best” once describing something. You might say “I am the best Pokémon trainer” or you might say “I to be the #1 Pokémon trainer.”

They quite much typical the very same thing, yet saying that you’re #1 is a small stronger as you are emphasizing that everyone else is below you in rank. And also Japanese is the exact same way. You deserve to use 一番 as soon as talking about something come say that it is the best.

私は一番ですよ!(watashi wa ichiban desu yo!)I am the best!

But girlfriend can likewise use 一番 in mix with adjectives to meat “the most” of the adjective.

この車は一番大きいです。(kono kuruma wa ichiban ookii desu.)This car is the biggest.

トムはクラスで一番優しいです。(tomu wa kurasu de ichiban yasashii desu.)Tom is the kindest in class.

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Back come restaurants, have actually you ever before seen one named “Ichiban Steak & episode House” or other similar? That’s basically the owner saying the they have actually The Best steak & sushi place. It’s kind of comparable to “1st Baptist Church” or “1st nationwide Bank” or something like that.

It’s type of silly, yet in every honestly girlfriend wouldn’t go to “2nd nationwide Bank” to save your money would certainly you?

Only the finest will perform for you