Why walk I have actually Vaginal Bleeding After being Fingered?

Well ~ above Tuesday, I acquired fingered by mine boyfriend and also he did it quiet roughly. Ns didn't think anything to be wrong due to the fact that it felt great at the time. But when I gained home, ns looked down and also realized I had actually bright red blood in my underwear, and quite a bit. That is Friday now and also I think the bleeding has stopped yet it was a irradiate brown spotting due to the fact that then. What's going on?

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Hi Kayla,

Your quality tissues can be very fragile come rough taking care of whether v a finger, penis or vibrator. The tissues will certainly actually acquire tiny tears i m sorry bleed. The brown discharge is old blood lastly clearing out.

The other option is that your cervix was traumatized by the unstable handling. It additionally can bleed with intercourse, specifically if girlfriend have had recent or repeated vaginal infections. If this continues to happen, you should see your main doctor because that an exam and also determination that the cause and proper treatment.

Good luck to you,

Sandy Greenquist, CNM

You must know: The answer above provides general health information that is no intended to replace clinical advice or treatment references from a qualified health care professional.

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