Hey. Currently there seems to be a tiny issue going roughly NA around what words Neko in reality means. I understand words have the right to be manipulated end time, yet that doesn"t median we must forget their root meanings. As you have probably gathered, Neko is Japanese. This way it has to be interpreted to English, since this is an English speak Amino. Still v me? so in this details blog, ns am walk to take you v the true meaning of the word Neko, and what the official an interpretation is.

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As you have the right to see, in previous blogs of mine, human being have been misjudging the an interpretation of the word Neko. I shall now display you an example from the dictionary, i beg your pardon I have actually checked is the correct definition.

The definition of Neko.


As you can clearly see by this definition, and also I quote, Neko is the Japanese word for cat. If you go as much as sombody in Japan, and also say, what does Neko mean, they will say cat. If you still don"t know what ns mean, this is what a cat is:

See what i mean. That is clearly, a cat.

So what around the other definitions?

Now, by this list, i am no saying that these room not Nekos...

They space Nekos, however the Neko girl above is not yet root an interpretation of a Neko. Just since a native is created in a different language, it doesn"t average it bring away on a different meaning in different cultures. The correct term because that these, space nekomimi. Right here is the Wikipedia meaning of Nekomimi.

A catgirl is a woman character v cat traits, such together cat ears, a cat tail, or various other feline qualities on an otherwise human being body. Catgirls are discovered in assorted fiction genres and in certain Japanese anime and also manga, whereby they are an ext commonly referred to as neko (猫, precise cat) or nekomimi (猫耳, precise cat ear(s)).

Nekomimi definition.

So, return the correct term is nekomimi, as proven through the Japanese themselves, that is frequently shortened come Neko. So together you have the right to see, it doesn"t matter whether you contact them Nekos, but please intricate that you typical the human meaning when you discuss blogs, together it can reason unwanted controversy.

On this Amino.

So, together you can obviously see, this application is called Neko Amino. That means, it equates to cat Amino. But to be clear...


It is perfect acceptable to make blogs around these anime characters, and I have done for this reason myself.

THIS DOESN"T average YOU AREN"T permitted TO POST about CATS.

And this seems to be the problem. You have the right to make blogs around normal cats aswell, and it is perfect acceptable and praised top top if you execute so. It"s nice to have actually a variety of quality and also creativity in this Amino, and content around cats and Nekomimi are acceptable. I have selected a few of my friends blogs together examples. And yes, this Amino is based off Nekomimi, yet occasionally you can make blogs about the normal cats aswell, as long as her blog touch on Nekomimi aswell.

Top 10 Neko girls. Nekomimi

As you have the right to see here, Sweetie has actually made a perfectly acceptable blog around Nekomimi. The doesn"t break any kind of guidlines, it"s ~ above topic, it"s lengthy and an excellent quality, so it"s the version blog. This makes it perfect because that Neko Amino. Claps because that Sweetie!

Drawing the Neko Atsume cat Nekos.

And here, flipping the meaning of Neko, we have a teamwork blog ns completed with Shinju. Me and her both attracted the cat version of Nekos native the popular video clip game site, Neko Atsume. They room on topic, Neko related and also follow the guidlines. A purrfect blog in mine opinion.

Little brother movie recommendation there :)

So, we recognize Neko way cat, however what around these other words...






Ōkina neko?


All these words, no clean meanings? now we understand different cultures have different definitions for this words, however have they been bent and twisted end time?

So to conclude...

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Now we recognize the meaning of this words, ns hope you use them in the exactly context. Ns hope you currently understand, and also feel cost-free to asking questions and voice your opinion in the comment below.