I've been auto shopping on on facebook for a vehicle for my daughter. Many write-ups give a price and then to speak OBO. Does OBO typical the best offer above the asking price? I've constantly thought it to be below. I've had a pair sellers refuse my offer due to the fact that it was below asking. Simply curious.

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No it means below offering price yet i guess: v the sellers assumed ur sell was as well low.

Normally a seller will certainly say “obo” just to let u understand they are rather flexible on the price.

It method the best they can get, period. If over there is an sell close sufficient to the questioning price for your liking, they will take it. Lock didn't favor yours, so that was most likely too low.

It's below, unless there space multiple interested parties. It's most likely that your sell was just too much below asking

"or finest offer" way your best and also final offer, which deserve to be below or over ask... I would certainly go above if it were a famous item/product and that friend absolutely must have actually if I know there are multiple bids. Usually I just bid what i am comfortable paying and also not feeling ripped off.

People space going to hold out as long as they can, and I've checked out the balance of strength go both ways. The fact is miscellaneous is just worth what someone rather is willing to pay because that it. I know I've declined offers the $1400 on a car I had listed for $1800 since I hoped someone would offer $1500 (and I want that last $100 much more than I want to remove the car immediately). I lucked out and also someone did.

That said, when taking care of a stubborn seller prefer myself, ns usually put a time border on my offer. "I'll provide you $1400 cash, price is an excellent for a week". ~ that, price walk down. Keeps sellers indigenous blowing friend off and then crawling back 2-3 weeks later on when they haven't gained the market they want.

This is why it helps to collection the price a little high. Always good to have some wiggle room. With my sub $1000 cars, I generally list them because that $150-300 an ext than i want. V my old Lumina, listed it because that $750 hope to get $600 because that it. Marketed it a week later for $650.

A the majority of other civilization saying it method "or finest offer" but I've just ever construed it to mean "or better offer." I.e. If I'm questioning for $5k OBO, I'm asking for $5k minimum.

Edit: Did part googling. Everything says "or ideal offer." TIL.

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