The very first thing you must know about Punta Gorda, Florida is exactly how to pronounce it.  At the very least until more and an ext northerners relocate down and readjust it. 

Mural in Punta Gorda, Florida

Forget your Spanish, native Floridians speak to it PUNTA (like punting a football). Don"t say POONTA (although as Florida"s influx of new people continues, this becomes much less important).

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Punta Gorda has a populace of around 17,000, and also is the chair of Charlotte County, Florida. It is the only incorporated town in the County.

The town gets its surname from the Spanish term because that the "fat point" that land wherein the tranquility River meets Charlotte Harbor.

In the years after the civil War, the Howard brothers came to the area and were the an initial settlers. About ten years later the railroad concerned town, and also Punta Gorda FL started to grow.

The town was the finish of the railway system, so a most tourists come down and stayed awhile. The town was included in 1887.

Vintage Postcard Hotel Charlotte, Punta Gorda

Like numerous towns in ~ the finish of the trail, some hard characters cleared up there. Over there were supposedly 40 murders in Punta Gorda in the years 1890-1904.

The town worked out down together years wore on, and the shady personalities either murdered each various other or acquired respectable jobs.

The very first bridge over Charlotte harbor was constructed in 1921 to combine the new Tamiami follow (US-41).

The next vast event was when the General advance Corporation began their harbor Charlotte many sales program throughout the harbor indigenous Punta Gorda.

Over the year this sprawling ar is no incorporated however is numerous times bigger than Punta Gorda v a populace of 61,000.


There are countless historic structures in Punta Gorda, including the old Charlotte county Courthouse and 9 other locations on the National register of historical Places.

Trabue Cottage in ~ Punta Gorda background Park

Punta Gorda suffered a lot of of damages in 2004 when it took a direct hit from Hurricane Charley.

Old Charlotte ar Courthouse, picture by Ebyabe

The neighborhood has has actually done a good job the rebuilding and also replacing damaged structures.  It take it years of tough work to gain things ago to normal.

River City Grill in Downtown Punta Gorda

The town has a new look but still captures its Old Florida origins.

Downtown Punta Gorda is a pleasant destination with several an excellent restaurants, some with outside dining.

Fishermen"s Village

Other quite shops and also restaurants space in Fishermen"s Village, a rustic time share and also shopping complicated built the end over Charlotte Harbor just west of downtown.

There is a modern-day marina surrounding to Fishermen"s town that has direct accessibility to Charlotte Harbor.

Old Florida format Home, Punta Gorda

There are many nice well preserved Old Florida style houses in the neighborhoods close come downtown.

Punta Gorda Isles, a huge waterfront community west the downtown, has hundreds that waterfront residences, many of them having boats.

Punta Gorda Isles watch to Northeast

When it was being emerged in the 1970s, I had actually a opportunity to gain a waterfront lot for a an extremely low price.  ns didn"t take that chance and also now I can forget around it. 

Prices because that waterfront residential property in Punta Gorda have actually skyrocketed as with every location else in Florida.


The sunset snapshot on mine sailboat, AWOL, was taken at burnt Store Marina, southern of Punta Gorda, no long prior to Charley blew right into town.

Sunset at burnt Store Marina south of Punta Gorda

Charley came right over scorched Store Marina.

Poor little AWOL shed her mast, bow pulpit and lifelines once a nearby boat pulled it"s dock pilings out and also crashed right into her during the storm"s ferocious winds.

Punta Gorda Indian Head prior to Hurricane Charley in 2020

A friend of mine, after drinking too lot beer, rode the end Charley ~ above his Gulfstar 36 at burned Store Marina.

He take it some remarkable still photographs and videos and lived come tell around it.  This is no recommended practice.

The famous downtown Indian likewise survived, yet the building it was standing in former of walk not and it has actually been moved to an additional location in town.

Punta Gorda Indian Head during Coronavirus Pandemic

Sometime in April 2020, in an answer to the Corona virus pandemic, somebody v a sense of humor made decision to protect the bad old Indian.

Locals have always called this male the "Indian Head."


Bokeelia Tarpon Inn

8241 key Street, Bokeelia, FL 33922. Tel: 239-283-8961.

Tarpon Inn

This inn is located at the northern tip of Pine Island overlooking the waters of Charlotte Harbor.

It is an isolated location, however is a short vehicle or watercraft ride to fort Myers, Cape Coral,  Boca Grande,  Sanibel,  Captiva, Punta Gorda and also the Gulf of Mexico.

Built in 1914, the house has been lovingly revitalized to retain the grace and comfort that the original residence while providing today"s amenities because that guests.

Each room has actually a queen bed with personal bath and comes with evening hors d"oeuvres and wine plus a full breakfast every morning.

Cabbage vital Inn and also Restaurant.  This needs a boat trip, however is fine worth the visit.  

Cabbage an essential Inn

Old Florida at its best, and some also say it was Jimmy Buffett"s motivation for "Cheeseburger In Paradise". 

Jimmy doesn"t agree, yet what does that know?









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