In not blocked Spanish, ‘onda’ is a beneficial word with many slang meanings. This word can be used in different expressions that will help you become an ext fluent in casual conversations.

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That’s why in this article, we gathered 9 slang definitions of onda in Spanish:

Although this native is quite famous in mexico slang, some of their meanings can additionally be used to various other Spanish speak countries. Go with this list and check just how you can apply ‘onda’ and also its expressions into your conversations.

1. Come Express surprised or man – Sacar de Onda

‘Sacar de onda’ is a popular Mexican slang expression that is supplied to express confusion, shock, surprise, or bewilderment. As a result, this expression could be interpreted as ‘to confuse’, ‘it perplexed me’, ‘to disconcert’. When using this expression, store in psychic the adhering to rules:

Conjugate utilizing indirect objects pronoun (me, te, le, nos, les).Conjugate ‘sacar’ to enhance the person and the tense you’re introduce to.You can mention the exterior thing, habits or occasion that is resulting in this feeling on you. If the paper definition is clean enough, girlfriend don’t require to include any additional information.

Here room some examples:

¿No car saca de onda ver a tu ex novia con otro chico?It doesn’t confuse you to check out your ex-girlfriend with one more guy?

Me sacó de onda que hubiera tanta gente en la calle, ¿sabes qué pasó?It surprised me that there to be a many of civilization in the street, perform you recognize what happened?

A Jack y a mí nos sacó de onda que las personas en Latinoamérica boy muy confianzudasJack and I were surprised that people in Latin America are so open and trusting of each other

Notice that these previous examples give a the majority of information about the cause of this feeling. However, the also possible to only express the feeling without giving further explanations. In this case, the indirect object pronoun will readjust for a reflex pronoun (me, te, se, nos, se).

Estoy con Clara, está bien, sólo se sacó de ondaI’m v Clara, she fine, just a small bit confused

2. As an informal Greeting – ¡Qué onda!

‘¡Qué onda!’ is one of the slang interpretations of ‘onda’ that brand-new Spanish learner are more familiar with. ‘¡Qué onda!’ is one informal means to greet someone in mexico Spanish. Although that a slang expression, it’s rather popular among young people and also grown-ups. It have the right to be translated as ‘what’s up?’, ‘hi’ or ‘how’s the going?’.

¡Qué onda, Marco! ¿Cómo has estado?What’s up, Marco! How have you been?

Hey, ¡qué onda, tú! Hace mucho que no car veoHey, you! ns haven’t seen you in a long time!

Among men, it’s common to use ‘qué onda’ with various other slang words as a means to greet every other. Below are part examples:

¡Qué onda, wey! ¿Dónde te has actually metido?What’s up, dude? Where have you been?

¡Qué onda, carnal! ¡Qué gusto verte!How’s that going, bro! It’s so nice to view you!

Take Note: ‘Qué onda’ is a really popular mexican greeting. However, you can also use this expression in Argentina and Chile.

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3. To explain a human – Buena Onda / Mala Onda


In Mexico, ‘qué buena onda’ and ‘qué mala onda’ can be offered to express your feelings around a situation. Depending on the context, you might express happiness, sorrow, or disappointment. As a result, these expressions might be interpreted as ‘how cool’, ‘so cool’, ‘too bad’, ‘how bad’ or ‘uncool’. Here room some examples of just how to use these expressions:

¿Te dieron el trabajo? ¡Qué buena onda!Did you get the job? How cool!

¡Qué mala onda que perdieras tu cartera!It’s too bad that you lost your wallet!

¿Te ganaste un viaje gratis a España? ¡Qué buena onda!Did you win a cost-free trip to Spain? So cool!

No sabía que te despidieron, ¡qué mala onda!I didn’t recognize that you got fired. That’s too bad!

8. Together a Synonym that ‘To be Amazing’ – Ser la onda

Every time the we want to express the someone or miscellaneous is amazing, we can use the unshened expression ‘ser la onda’. This phrase could be either interpreted as ‘to it is in the bomb’ or ‘to be amazing’. The only rule to use is come conjugate ‘ser’ follow to the human you’re talking about.

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Mariana y sus amigas kid la ondaMariana and her friends are amazing

El programa que estoy viendo es la ondaThe tv show that i’m watching is the bomb

Estos tenis child la onda, están at sight cómodosThese snickers are amazing, they’re very comfortable

Take Note: ‘Ser la onda’ is a very popular expression in Mexico. However, it’s an extremely likely that each Spanish speaking nation has their very own version that this phrase. Because that instance, in Spain, they use ser la hostia.

9. Together a Synonym of ‘What’s walk On’ – Saber qué Onda

‘Saber qué onda’ is the slang definition of ‘onda’ that many Spanish learners don’t understand about. This mexico informal expression is supplied to ask because that information around someone or something. Although that doesn’t have actually a direct translation, that close in meaning to ‘what’s going on’. This expression can be provided in optimistic and an adverse sentences. Right here are some examples:

¿Sabes qué onda con tu hermana? Se ve preocupadaDo you understand what’s walk on with her sister? She watch worried

No sé qué onda con mi viaje, sólo se que me cancelaron el vueloI nothing what’s going on with mine trip, I just know castle canceled my flight

La verdad, ya no sé qué onda con Mario, no ha venido a trabajar y no sé por quéTo it is in honest, i don’t know what’s going on with Mario, he’s hasn’t involved work and I don’t know why

Wrapping Up

In Spanish, ‘onda’ is a an extremely rich native with countless meanings the can readjust depending top top the context and the verbs that space working through this noun. This means there are a lot of slang expressions that usage it. It is why in this short article we gathered some of the most usual slang uses and also meanings that it. Save in mind the these space slang phrases, so you will need to use it in informal conversations. Usage these expressions v your mexico friends…¡serás la onda!