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RUOK? - room you okay? in web Slang, SMS, texting & chat by
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Today is #RUOKDay and a reminder come ask a straightforward question that have the right to make a difference, "#RUOK?"

Who actually drink cows milk anymore? RUOK? Why?

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Hey sussanley #RUOK?

it seems choose Senator McDonald is having actually some kind of failure RUOK?

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A straightforward conversation can stop a little issue coming to be a large problem. Remember come ask #RUOK?

Spark a conversation today, asking them exactly how they space doing, also just talking to someone have the right to do a whole lot #RUOK?

Commonwealth means we"re all in this together, choose one an additional or not....politics feeding frenzy aside.....Sam Dastyari RUOK?

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What go RUOK? stand for? RUOK? represents "Are girlfriend okay?".
Q: A: how to abbreviate "Are friend okay?"? "Are girlfriend okay?" have the right to be abbreviated together RUOK?.
Q: A: What is the definition of RUOK? abbreviation? The an interpretation of RUOK? abbreviation is "Are you okay?".
Q: A: What is RUOK? abbreviation? among the definitions of RUOK? is "Are girlfriend okay?".
Q: A: What does RUOK? mean? RUOK? together abbreviation means "Are friend okay?".
Q: A: What is shorthand of space you okay?? The most typical shorthand the "Are you okay?" is RUOK?.

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