when greeting someone, are there any subtle differences in between "Ave" and "Salve"? have the right to both be provided to greet and respond? E.g.

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Marcus: Ave, Cicero.

Cicero: Salve, Marce.

Or, evil versa:

Vergilius: Salve, Ovidi.

Ovidius: Ave, Vergili.

Furthermore, is one in a greater register than the other? would certainly one it is in used more often by plebeians? Or by aristocrats?



Here"s what i got:

Both are interpreted as a salutation -at times v a referral to God-, and are fairly interchangeable, however they have various origins.

So both room basically be well, but focus -if any- could be comprise in performance (ave) or health (salve).

I think the etymology way the distinction should have been valid, at least at the beginning. In contrast, ave has additionally been analyzed as God conserve you, e.g. At least in translations that the Hail mary (or Lc 1, 28) come Spanish, Aragonese, Catalan and Sardinian (the Greek version supplies χαῖρε as salutation, which method rejoice).


Salve is, indigenous what I"ve observed, the civilian greeting. It definitely is the one used much more in rewildtv.com instruction.


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