As a name, Caspian is relatively new. The is many notably the surname of a sea between Europe and also Asia the is thought about the biggest enclosed inland body of water ~ above Earth. The is claimed that it to be this human body of water that motivated the surname of the other remarkable Caspian: Prince Caspian the the children"s book collection The Chronicles that Narnia written by C.S. Lewis in the 1950"s. Prince Caspian first appeared in the fourth publication of the popular series as the rightful King of Narnia.

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The Caspian Sea has actually a complex name history itself consisting of a number of different names and spellings in a selection of language in the neighboring countries. However it is claimed to have been called for the city the Qazvin i m sorry was named for the old Cas tribe, or the Caspian people. The origin of the surname comes in direct relation come the Sea i m sorry is situated in between Iran and Russia. Caspian is mostly just considered a ar name through an unknown an interpretation and origin since it boundaries so many countries. However, the Romans described the people from which the name originally came together the Caspii so maybe it might fall in the Latin category?It is likewise said the the Caspii source from a an ar of the Caucasus and also that your name may mean "white". However there is also an association through the biblical surname Cush i m sorry is one Ethiopian word definition "dark-faced" or "swarthy". Because this is no yet totally established together a baby name, none of this kind of details is clear and accurate. Take it from it what you will.Beyond these 2 namesakes, the romantic and cutting-edge Caspian does not have a the majority of experience together a baby name. Actress Neve Campbell provided it because that her child in 2012 along with 54 various other parents which ranks it in ~ #2312, but this name has actually only remained in use in the US because 1998. Right currently it is in ~ its highest possible popularity allude ever but I expect it to proceed climbing the charts.Caspian is cool, unique, familiar and also romantic! I"ve watched it floating approximately the infant naming ar lately. The has even graced my own shortlist. It is comparable to Casper there is no the ghostly reference and falls in line with all the other -ian names, like Cassian, the are obtaining popularity. What carry out you think that it?Sibling surname Ideas:Sisters: Aria, Bronwen, Celeste, Emmeline, Junia, Lavinia, Seraphina, XantheBrothers: Atticus, Cosmo, Evander, Hadrian, Lucian, Orion, Tristram, ZephanMiddle surname Ideas:Caspian AugustCaspian JamesCaspian OberonCaspian VincentAs a center Name:Alistair CaspianHenry CaspianJulius CaspianTimothy Caspian
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I love Caspian! I said it to mine husband and also he chosen it too. Our favorite young name is Atlas and I think Atlas and Caspian would make because that charming brothers!