What go Gillian mean?


▼ as a girls" surname (also supplied as boys" surname Gillian) is pronounce GILL-ee-an, JILL-ee-an. That is of Latin origin, and the an interpretation of Gillian is "youthful". Anglicization that Juliana; feminine the Julian. A typical name in the Middle periods that was provided as a generic term because that a female. Actress Gillian Anderson.STARTS v Gi-

ASSOCIATED with youthful


VARIANTS Ghilian, Ghiliane, Ghillian, Gilian, Giliana, Gill, Gillan, Gillianna, Gillianne, Gillie, Gilly, Gillyanne, Jillian▼, Jillianne, Jillyan, Jyllian

SEE additionally Jill


CREATIVE FORMS(female) (male) center NAME PAIRINGSGillian Rilynn (G.R.), ..

How renowned is Gillian?

Gillian is a very prominent first name for women (#1252 the end of 4276, peak 29%) and additionally a really prominent last surname for all world (#11917 the end of 150436, optimal 8%). (2000 U.S. CENSUS)

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Gillian gone into the list in 1960-1969 and reached its peak rank that #303 in the U.S. In the year 1999, yet is not listed currently. (2018 bear STATISTICS)



Which variation is better?

Popular related creates of Gillian ranked in the peak 2000 space Juliana (#151 VIA latest LIST), Giuliana (#675), Jillian (#735), Gillie, Jill and Julian. These relations of Gillian were well-known as bear names 5 decades earlier (USAGE the 0.4%) and also are now considerably less usual (USAGE 0.2%, under 61.3%). Juliana has been the many prominent, while versions such as Jillian have become less popular.

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Similar Names

Recommended sound-alike names are Aillin, Dillan, Dillian, Dilliana, Galiana, Gallia, Galliena, Geelan, Gilana, Gilia, Giliah, Giulia, Giulianna, Giulianne, Giullia, Jilian, Jillan, Jilliana, Jilliane, Jilliann, Lilian▲, Lillia, Lillian▼, Lilliana▲, Lilliane, Lilliann, Lillias, Lillyan▼ and also Sillia. This names often tend to it is in less generally used than Gillian.