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English to Hebrew translations
English hatchet or phrase: Robert
I wold like to understand the tantamount Hebrew very first name for Robert, please.
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Hebrew translation:Azriel
Explanation:Translation supplied by "The brand-new Name Dictionary" by Alfred Kolatch quoted on: http://www.namenerds.com/uucn/international/internframe.html keep in mind - because that the translate in of plenty of english names come hebrew, one relies on the translation of meaning. So: ROBERT m English, French, Scandinavian Pronounced: RAW-burt way "bright fame", acquired from the Germanic aspects hrod "fame" and also beraht "bright". The Normans presented this name to Britain. That belonged come three monarchs of Scotland, consisting of Robert the Bruce who revived the self-reliance of Scotland indigenous England in the 14th century. The author Robert Browning and poets Robert Burns and Robert Frost are well known literary bearers that this name. Also, Robert E. Lee to be the commander of the Confederate army during the American polite War. Http://www.behindthename.com/nmc/fre3.html ++++++++++++++++++ FROM one more SITE ADDRESSING THE translate in ISSUE: recognize a Deceased Relative"s Name many of friend are in search of the Hebrew names of deceased relatives. One point you should keep in psychic is this: If her great-grandmother"s surname was Florence, she most most likely had another "Hebrew" name due to the fact that Florence is no Hebrew, that course, and also there is no true identical in Hebrew. Ns recommend the you find a surname that starts with the an initial letter. In this case, "F," and find a an ideal name to give your daughter that starts with this letter. the was and also still is customary to provide a son a Hebrew name as well as an English name. This names may or may not it is in the exact same in every language. Buy it or Daniel would, of course, it is in the same in each language yet Heather or Robert would certainly not have a similar sounding name in Hebrew. In the last example, you would certainly most likely choose one more Hebrew name. This might be a surname that way the same as Robert or pagan in Hebrew or you could choose a name fully different. I had one customer who named her daughter in English after her grandmother, Rose, and also in Hebrew ~ her various other grandmother, Ruth. She had the ability to honor both of her deceased grandmothers v the names she chose. To find a relative"s Hebrew name, I indicate you first ask other living relatives if they can recall the information. Then you might want to search with the old documents of the relative. Girlfriend may find the ketuba, which would have the Hebrew surname of the bride and also groom. Lastly, friend would desire to go to the relative"s synagogue and also check the archives there. This critical suggestion may be an overwhelming if they were born in Europe around the time that the Holocaust. In any kind of event, i wish you lot luck in your search.

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