Rue was among my favorite characters in the Hunger Games, and I understand I"m not the just one that adored her. She name has been getting some attention too. Ns don"t desire to provide away also much, yet judging from what I"ve uncovered on this name, it"s pretty fitting for the character.

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Rue (pronounced "ROO") is an English word ultimately obtained from the Latin ruta, which has pretty much always been connected with the shrub. My experience with this surname was comparable to Katniss in that before the book I had actually never heard that the plant. That is indigenous to Southeastern Europe, particularly the Balkans area,but deserve to now be uncovered throughout the world. Rue is one evergreen shrub with little yellow flowers and blueish leaves. The is sometimes known by it"s various other name, herb-of-grace.This plant has plenty of practical uses. Traditionally, the plant has actually been provided to induce abortions in humans and livestock. Regardless of that, it can still be used in cooking, return sparingly. Supplied in excess the will cause vomiting. When it used to be quite a usual ingredient in old Roman and also Middle east food, rue has actually fallen the end of favor in most of the Western civilization (it is really bitter tasting) and you can"t even uncover it in a grocery store store. Italian Renaissance painters typically ate rue and also cress sandwiches come sharpen their eyesight. Cats don"t choose the smell of rue, therefore this plant can be used to deter them. Unfortunately, exposure come rue can additionally cause significant blisters top top the skin.The plant"s association through regret goes back a long way.Supposedly the expression "rue the day" comes from the old exercise of throwing rue at an enemy while cursing him. However rue together a verb definition "to feel regret" has a different etymology from rue the herb. It is ultimately acquired from the Proto Indo European kreae, an interpretation "to push" or "to strike."In any kind of case, remorse is no rue"s just association. Rue is essential to many different religions. This plant is thought about sacred come Mars, Diana, and Aradia. Rue is the only herb to be blessed by the Prophet Mohammad. During the Middle periods it was hung in doorways come protect versus evil spirits. That was likewise thought come protect versus the plague, i m sorry it more than likely did as rue repels fleas. Rue to be sometimes called witchbane because people carried it approximately to protect against witches. This tree is the national herb of Lithuania, whereby it is linked with virginity.Today, Neo-Pagans use the plant to develop 2nd sight and also for protecting the home.Rue has never to be a usual name in the unified States, back it has occasionally been supplied as a type of Ruth. American Actress Rue McClanahan is one well known namesake. I"ve additionally heard ofone variant: Ruey. Over there is no relation to Roux, although castle sound precisely the same.I can certainly see Rue being used much more in the future. Ns don"t see the "regret" meaning as much of a problem although that could put some people off.

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Rue is likewise French because that "street," ns don"t recognize if that provides a difference. Perhaps the Hunger gamings film will offer this name a push.Sources:http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=ruehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruta_graveolenshttp://www.alchemy-works.com/herb_rue.htmlhttp://www.babynamewizard.com/baby-name/girl/rueImage Credit:http://lapetitemag.com/