From now on the packaging of every light bulbs has to incorporate an “energy label”. This label shows the adhering to properties the the bulb:

energy efficiency (letter the the alphabet): over there are seven categories, from A (the most efficient bulbs) to G (the least reliable bulbs);light output (in lumens): the figure to inspect in stimulate to find out just how much light the bulb gives off;lifespan (in hours): note that a pear is offered on typical for 1,000 hours per year (about three hrs per day).

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The packaging additionally provides other useful information about the light bulb, such together its size, the colour of the light, its start time, etc

A label and also a number of promises

Initially, the energy label was introduced by the european Union come classify household electric appliances. This particular day it is used in more and much more fields: electrical light bulbs, television sets, buildings (EPB certificate) , cars, etc. The target is to permit you to provide preference to appliances the use less energy and that will expense less throughout their lifespan.

Information top top the energy label…


View this photo in large.

The most visible information, since of its huge lettering and also the grading that the colours, is the energy class of the bulb. The best bulbs are those in class A, the least an excellent in class G. In other words: A-class bulbs space the most efficient due to the fact that they use less energy than the rather to supply the very same amount of light.

Typically, irradiate bulbs are devided into categories (1):

Compact fluorescent irradiate bulbs space in category A or B.Halogen bulbs room in group DIncandescent bulbs are in group E or F.

Beneath the power category, you will see 3 figures and three units:

in lumens (lm), the amount of light (2)emitted by the bulb: the greater the figure, the much more light the pear emits for the same electrical energy consumption. For this reason don’t count on watt when picking your bulb, however on lumens! To help you, keep in mind that a 110 W incandescent pear emitted 1300-1400 lm if a 25 W bulb emitted 220-230 lm;in watts (W), the electric power absorbed (3). This gives an clues of consumption: the more powerful a bulb, the much more electricity that uses. For instance, a 13 W light pear will usage 0.013 kWh (kilowatt hours) every hrs (h), the expectation (4): bear in mind the 1,000 hours corresponds to around one year’s use;

In enhancement to the energy label, the light pear packaging contains other information that will help you choose:

in millimetres (mm), the dimension of the bulb (5): both the length (including the base) and also the diameter are given. This method you deserve to be certain that the bulb is suitable to your light fitting;in kelvins (K), the “colour temperature” (6): it speak you the colour of the light. A short temperature (less 보다 4 000 K) suggests a warmth light. A high temperature (over 5,300 K) shows a cold light;in seconds (sec.), the begin time (7): this is the moment it takes the pear to with 60 % that its light output.the number of times the bulb have the right to be switched top top or off(8);the capacity of the bulb to work with a dimmer switch (9).

What about ecological criteria?

While the energy label tells you about the power performance of the light pear you have actually bought, that does not say anything around its impact on the environment. Girlfriend will uncover out a little an ext by checking even if it is the bulb carries one ecolabel (a blue and also green flower with star-shaped petals).

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This European brand guarantees products that have actually less that an influence on the environment and also which space safe and reliable come use. N.B.: This labelling is voluntary, which way that the product fulfils the environmental criteria collection but is no necessarily the many environmentally familiar on the market (other assets that do not carry the label might be same or even more environmentally friendly).