The Talking Poker collection is a arsenal of articles and videos produced to assist beginners understand exactly how to play poker.

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Each talking Poker episode focuses on a specific poker term.

We begin from a clear, to-the-point definition to assist you understand what every poker hatchet means, and also then us share an example of the strategic ide to which the refers.

This way, you have the right to start utilizing the term and implementing the connected strategy right into your game.

In this illustration of the talk Poker series we focus on a term the refers to one of the positions in poker — "under the gun."


"Under the gun" (or "UTG") refers to the place to the instant left of the big blind in flop games like Texas hold"em and Omaha poker.


The under-the-gun player is the very first to act prior to the flop. The term refers to the push that goes together with having come act prior to anyone else in the hand.

An instance of Under the pistol in Poker

Player A is straight to the left the the button and also posts the small blind. Player B is ~ above the left the Player A and also posts the huge blind. Player C sit to the left of Player A.

The cards room dealt and Player C, play under the gun, acts first.

Strategic Considerations

Pros usually advise players to beat tighter in beforehand position, specifically when under the gun.

The factor is that the remainder of the table it s okay to plot after you preflop, climate after the flop all players who are not in the blinds who pick to pat the hand will continue to have actually a positional advantage on girlfriend throughout.

Because the under-the-gun player is at a considerable positional disadvantage, the or she can gain back some edge ago by playing a far better range of poker hands.

For example, instead of raising with a hand favor

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