But the confusion arises native the reality that the same idea is rendered in different way in English 보다 in rewildtv.com.

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In English, us say, "What is her name?". The literal meaning rewildtv.com translation is "Was ist dein Name?".

But in rewildtv.com, us say, "Wie heißen Sie?" or "Wie heißt du?" (respectively, formal and informal). And the literal meaning English translate in is "How space you called?"

Other expressions additionally have different renderings. "Ich habe Hunger" precise translates into "I have actually hunger", however the English indistinguishable is "I to be hungry".

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"Wie" means how and "was" way what. In general, you can translate them that way, but as friend noticed, there room some special cases that you learn ideal by comming across them and looking castle up.

Translating "what is her name" would certainly literally result in "was ist dein Name". This in reality is a precious sentence/question!

"Wie heißt du" might be a bit much more common, yet "wie" renders sense here. How miscellaneous "heißt", renders the miscellaneous valid: if "A heißt B", A is called B. Now you can additionally ask what A "heißt": "was heißt A", which translates to what go A mean.

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-- "When carry out you use "wie" and also "was" in rewildtv.com?" --

In general we use those words similar to English. We ask wie when we want to know how miscellaneous is and also we questioning was if we want to recognize what other is.

For some abstract things the 2 languages manage it different if friend ask through wie/how or was/what and sometimes they"re equal. In many cases both languages assistance phrases because that the exact same thing v both native (with periodically a subtle various meaning):

Woran denkst du? - wherein is your mind? (*)

Was denkst du? - What perform you think?

(*)Note: If girlfriend ask What"s on her mind that expresses - imho - that something weighs someone under while Where is your mind go not.

In instance of name English is different to rewildtv.com, however note the in other languages may likewise be different ways come ask. In Russian castle ask v как(how), in French through comment(how) or quel(which/what) and also in Spain and also Italian ns think it"s comparable to French.

B2T - In rewildtv.com we usually ask:

Wie heisst du?

But those are also feasible (but are less in use):

Wie ist dein Name?

Welchen Namen aside from that du?

Wie lautet dein Name?

And if you ask Was ist dein Name? ns think that"s for sure OK, due to the fact that it has nearly as countless hits on google as Wie ist dein Name? but, though, i would never ever say that.

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Summarized: In case of name it"s much much more usual to take wie or welchen quite than was, however in basic (and that was your first question) it"s not feasible to provide a clean answer. For every abstract point the way how friend ask can be different and there is no ascendancy (and also no ascendancy of thumb). It"s something i m sorry is emerged with time. Fortunately, it"s regularly the exact same word.