INTERVIEWER: Alright, lets see if you"re as great in human being as you space on paper. Do me a salad.

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MONICA: A salad? really I, I might do something a small more complex if you like.

INTERVIEWER: No, simply a salad will certainly be fine.

MONICA: You gained it.

The interviewer asked Monica to make a salad, and Monica said you obtained it, What"s the an interpretation of it? Shouldn"t it it is in I obtained it which way I interpreted your words?



In TV dramas and movies, you gained it is frequently used to typical "I"ll do as you ask". It"s also common while taking an order indigenous the boss/commander.

It is the an answer of a low grade to their superior.


"You acquired it" featured in TV advertisements because that a chain of citizens restaurants. A server is shown responding to a client order by making use of that phrase. I see one implication together that the stimulate is no sooner given than fulfilled.


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