'Criminal Minds' Season 7 Premiere Preview: Prentiss return The "Criminal Minds" season 7 premiere marks the return the Prentiss and also the BAU is going to have to answer come the Senate about Emily"s previous disappearance.

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It takes A town - Prentiss and also Hotchner
What execute you think that the premiere? ‘Criminal Minds’ Season 7 Premiere review & Discussion

When Criminal Minds returns this autumn for its seventh season, fans deserve to rest easy knowing that familiar faces will it is in returning because that good. ~ the continuous ousting that female cast members critical year, the favored members that the BAU will be officially rejoined in the Criminal Minds season 7 premiere.

The episode, entitled “It takes A Village”, will mark the main return of Paget Brewster (as Emily Prentiss) to the Criminal Minds family. Of course, since the remainder of her BAU team believes the she’s dead, there’s a particular amount of explanation that requirements to occur.

Unfortunately, the return the Prentiss from the proverbial grave isn’t something that can simply continue to be within the confines of the FBI. Considering Hotchner was responsible for faking Prentiss’ death and also providing her through a somewhat new life abroad, a Senate Committee is incredibly interested in discovering why every one of this occurred, and why she’s currently returning.

For those unfamiliar with the Criminal Minds cast shake-up that occurred during the sixth season, enable me to fill you in. Because that some reason (likely to reduced costs and also move the series into a various direction), “the powers the be” initially determined that AJ cook (as JJ Jareau) to be no much longer needed in the series. On height of that, the was additionally decided the Paget Brewster’s role would be reduced down significantly.

Almost a year ~ the function reduction because that Brewster was announced – and following the departure of AJ cook from the collection – it was revealed that Brewster would likewise be leaving the series. Together a reunion the sorts, AJ chef returned come Criminal Minds for Brewster’s last episode, and the producers made certain that Brewster’s personality arc enabled for she to maybe return.

Thomas Gibson season 6 Criminal minds CBS
While every one of this was occurring, both pan of the series and actors members still on the series were accordingly upset (read what series star Kirsten Vangsness claimed to us around this situation). Through Cook and also Brewster being changed by a brand-new female character, Ashley Seaver (Rachel Nichols), some stability was restored to the fight CBS series – though fans were still wondering when/if your favorite characters would return.

As Criminal mental season 6 came to a close, a cliffhanger hinted that Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) may not return. In genuine life, Gibson was in the center of contract renegotiations (he was extremely underpaid in regards come the ratings that the collection was receiving and also his place on the show). With Gibson willing to walk away from Criminal Minds, a flurry of decisions to be made: Rachel Nichols to be let walk from the series, executive, management producer (and showrunner) Ed Bernero left Criminal Minds, AJ Cook and Paget Brewster to be rehired, and also Thomas Gibson fix up his contract.

JJ Criminal psychic season 7
with all the craziness over, we are currently a month far from the Criminal Minds season 7 premiere, and things have actually somewhat returned to normal. Even though the ns of Bernero native the collection will definitely be felt, Criminal Minds still retains a an excellent team of writers and also producers that know exactly how to make the series work as successfully as it has actually in the past.

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While it"s tough to tell specifically how things will play out in the upcoming season, the return that AJ Cook and Paget Brewster is absolutely a action in the appropriate direction.

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Criminal Minds season 7 premieres September 21

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