To review my testimonial of Dear John by Nicholas Sparks, click here.On Friday, I witnessed Dear John. It has actually two of my favorite actors in it, and I pretty much read the publication just so I could watch the movie. But because I was a tiny disappointed in the book, ns was extra curious to watch if ns would like the movie verson better.

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Spoiler totally free Review:Dear John The Movie to be a lot different than the book. I won"t enter too much detail (see spoiler section), however the ending is completely different. Ns actually preferred the movie finishing better. Overall, i loved the scenes through Amanda and also Channing; they space both really an excellent actors and also have a many chemistry together. I likewise thought the movie flowed much better than the book so fans of romantic comedies will enjoy Dear John.Review v Spoilers:As i stated prior to there to be a the majority of differences in between the book and also the movie. In the movie, there is a greater focus on the letters, v a huge chunk the the movie specialized to John and also Savannah writing/sending/receiving letters. In the book (even though it"s titled Dear John) we only get to review two letters, both native Savannah. So the movie wins on that point.In the book, Savannah marries her finest friend Tim and also dumps john for him. Tim also has one autistic brother Alan. This is the same in the movie, yet the movie fails in the Tim is prefer fifteen year older and Alan is his son. The movie dram Tim off as a family members friend, yet the gibbs is even fifteen years older than Amanda Seyfried therefore it was pretty gross that they gained married. The didn"t make as much sense.In the book, Tim has actually skin cancer and also needs money because that an experimental drug. John anonymously donates the money and also Tim is cured. In the movie, Tim has actually lymphoma and the money man donates just provides him a few extra months, so he dies. Then the ending is an extremely cliffhang-y, in the Savannah sees man on the street ~ Tim has died and walks approximately him, v the audience not understanding what happens. I like this one much much better because, i m really sorry Tim, Savannah and also John belong together.Final Thoughts:I appreciated the book and also movie, even though over there were things I didn"t like in both. I have actually mixed feelings because that both, so yet I"m going come say the I favored the movie better because I preferred the ending.

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