You may or might not have, yet a the majority of people have licked a battery at least once in their lives. Probably much more people 보다 you’d consider! follow to, “You have the right to lick a large honking D battery till your tongue is dry. Not much will happen. However if you lick a rectangle-shaped 9-volt battery, touching both the hopeful and an adverse terminals, girlfriend will receive a little electric shock.”

Definitely might’ve to be a cool and silly way for a child to endure the “small electric shock” sensation. Seeker adds, “Truth it is in told, it’s not really negative for you, simply mildly alarming and unpleasant.” Some human being may have done it for a buzzing feeling, but some civilization have additionally said it’s how they “check” batteries to see if they’re still an excellent or if they have expired!

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Did you ever lick a battery earlier in the day? survey says…

In our DYR 1970s on facebook group, ours members were asked if they had ever before licked a battery before. A how amazing amount of world responded “no,” however there were absolutely quite a few who remember law this or still do!

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Another says, “Always, only means to inspect for shelf life.”

“Once. Tho do, best way to phone call if it’s hot or not.”

“I never heard of it till my children started doing that (in the 90s).”

“The just battery you can inspect if it’s an excellent or dead simply by emotional it to your tongue.”

“How else carry out you understand if that still got any juice?”

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So, walk you ever lick a battery as a child or still do? transforms out the a lot of world still do by the results of the inquiry above. There’s likewise a video from 2019, showcasing a competition ~ above who have the right to keep licking a 9V battery the longest.

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As stated in the video, do not shot this at home! uneven you currently have, of course. In that case, bring on.