We drive her efficiency and also profitability v our cloud and on-premise software application as a business (SaaS) solutions supplied throughout the Testing, Inspection, and also Certification (TIC) industry.We are trusted across standards and business types. Native fish come food to aerospace, our software application is used worldwide to strength audits, certification, and standards top top every continent and also helps manage communication, business goals, and personnel through a full solution approach.

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A representative study experimenting the Return on invest (ROI), intact Platform benefits, and also market outlooks in standards, audit, and certification sectors.

Market-Leading Performance, Scalability, and also Innovation

Intact’s unmatched knowledge of the audit, assessment, and also certification industry allows us to understand the specific needs and requirements of our customers and solve the complex challenges dealing with them. We produce tools to make businesses — small and large, local and global — much more effective and efficient. Ours data digitalization process increases safety, consistency, and transparency. We space 100% reliable, trustworthy, and ready come secure and also grow your business.

The intact Platform is the top cloud and also on-premise ERP technology for audit, assessment, certification, accreditation, and standards management. It has unsurpassed functionality and features a totally modular end-to-end workflow that deserve to you scale up or down as your requirements change. Us drive creation by adapting come the live feedback of the undamaged Community. We stay ahead the the curve to ensure that our software application solutions accomplish the ever-changing needs of the industry.

Customer satisfaction has actually been the an essential to our success due to the fact that our founding in 2001. Undamaged is trusted by the world leading service providers in the TIC sector, operating across all industries. We have offices and also representation in Austria, the united States, Switzerland, Germany, the UK, and Australia.

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The intact Difference

The sector Standard

The undamaged Platform is the industry standard for all points audit, certification, and also accreditation. Leading service providers in the TIC sector have actually been utilizing the intact Platform for decades.

Intact is leading innovation in the audit and certification management solutions industry. By anticipating industry trends and engaging through our energetic user community, undamaged is constantly ahead of the curve.

Intact’s customers benefit from our deep industry knowledge, focus, and goal orientation. Our devices simplify your facility work. Our skills and experience collection us apart from the competition.

Our products’ versatility is one of their best strenghts. They satisfy the requirements of standard setters, accreditation bodies, certification bodies, and internal audit departments. Data deserve to be quickly shared with stakeholders across systems.

Proudly offer Customers Globally since 2001

Success Stories

USDA — reliable Accreditation and also Complete Oversight

The nationwide Organic regime (NOP), component of the U.S. Room of Agriculture, was created by conference in 2001 come develop and enforce uniform national standards because that organically-produced farming products marketed in the united States. Operating as a public-private partnership, NOP accredits private companies and also helps train their assessors to certify that farms and also businesses fulfill the national organic standards.
The naval Stewardship the supervisory board (MSC) is a non-profit organization and international typical setter specialized to the preservation of fish stocks and healthy oceans. That is proactively working ~ above driving front a an international market because that sustainable fish. Being committed come sustainable fisheries and also transparent product traceability, the MSC develops and also manages requirements for both areas. Only those meeting all the needs are permitted to lug the internationally recognized blue MSC seal on your products.
Austria Bio Garantie team (ABG) is Austria’s leading certification body because that organic products, founded in 1993. ABG has actually subsidiaries in Hungary (Hungaria Öko Garancia), Romania (Austria Bio Garantie Romania), and also Croatia (Austria Bio Garantie Croatia). In total, AGB offers its solutions to about 15,000 contractors from the farming, processing, and trading sector and conducts around 25,000 audits per year.
Coop is the largest retail cooperative in Switzerland, operates more than 2,200 shops and also employs about 80,000 people. As far as organic and also fair trade commodities are concerned, Coop is the clear sector leader and likewise claims to be the best and also most customer-oriented retailer in Switzerland. In order come maintain and also continually improve this position in the lengthy run, reliable internal quality manage is a crucial success variable for Coop.
Since march 2017, Bio Suisse handle the import checks because that all goods intended for circulation under the Bud label (Marke Knospe) totally digitally — through the intact Platform’s supply Chain Monitor. Previously, batch checks were lugged out manually, sometimes resulting in the lose of a the majority of time. The digital verification process reduced the effort on all sides and, at the exact same time, raised security because that consumers and retailers.
The institute of technology and trial and error of construction Materials has countless fields that activity. The Institute’s teaching tasks cover the entire field of building materials in building, engineering and infrastructure construction. The affiliated TVFA faces testing activities in the fields of metallic and also non-metallic structure materials, building and construction chemistry and calibration. TVFA-ZERT has actually been accredited as a product certification body since February 2014.
FoodChain identifier Certification (formerly known as CERT ID) was established in 1999 to accomplish the needs of retail, food and agricultural organizations that were seek a certification service to determine the presence of gene modified organisms (GMOs) in foodstuffs. FoodChain id Certification has grown strong since and is currently a known leader in the delivery of Non-GMO, sustainability, feed, and food safety and security inspection and certification services. Today, FoodChain id Certification provides services to over 15,000 customers.
bio.inspecta was started in Switzerland in 1998. Because then, the has offered inspections and certifications because that organic and label products as well as ISO and food security certifications in the areas of agriculture, processing and also trade, and international standards. Through 38,000 audits every year because that a complete of 25,000 national and international customers, bio.inspecta is one of the leading certification body in Switzerland.
The nationwide Association because that Sustainable agriculture Australia (NASAA) dram a critically important duty in supporting and also promoting the fostering of organic practices that cause safer and an ext sustainable food production systems. NASAA’s subsidiary business, NASAA Certified essential (NCO), certifies organic commodities to accomplish all domestic and international export industry requirements. The NASAA Organic feather leaf label is recognized as upholding the highest possible standards that integrity and also benchmarks because that the industry.
The Non-GMO project is a mission-driven non-profit organization committed to building and also protecting a non-GMO food supply, educating consumers, and providing verified non-GMO choices. That is the home of the Non-GMO task Standard and also runs phibìc America’s leading independent non-GMO confirmation program. The iconic Non-GMO job Verified butterfly is the brand consumers seek and trust for GMO-free food and products, today. Non-GMO job Verified is among the fastest-growing labels in the retail sector.
With its organic Food Program, the Washington State room of agriculture (WSDA) is responsible for the certification that 89% of all certified organic producer in Washington. In order to remain qualified of taking care of the increasing demand for organic certifications, the WSDA has decided to invest in a high-performance and also flexibly scalable software program solution from Intact. After some customization to satisfy the particular demands the the WSDA, the system went live ~ above 2 may 2016.

Our specialists are prepared to talk about your challenges and demonstrate exactly how you can master them through ease with undamaged software solutions.

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