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blacksmith, additionally called smith, craftsman who fabricates objects the end of iron by hot and cold forging on an anvil. Blacksmiths who specialized in the forging of shoes for equines were called farriers. The term blacksmith derives from iron, formerly called “black metal,” and also farrier native the Latin ferrum, “iron.”

Iron replaced bronze for usage in tools and also weapons in the late 2nd and the first millennia bc, and from then until the commercial Revolution, blacksmiths do by hand most of the wrought steel objects offered in the world. The blacksmith’s necessary equipment is composed of a forge, or furnace, in which heated iron is boil so the it deserve to be operated easily; an anvil, a heavy, firmly secured, steel-surfaced block top top which the item of steel is worked; tongs to organize the stole on the anvil; and also hammers, chisels, and also other implements to cut, shape, flatten, or weld the iron into the preferred object.

Blacksmiths make an immense range of common objects used in daily life: nails, screws, bolts, and also other fasteners; sickles, plowshares, axes, and other agricultural implements; hammers and other tools used by artisans; candlesticks and also other family objects; swords, shields, and also armour; wheel rims and other steel parts in wagons and carriages; fireplace fittings and implements; spikes, chains, and also cables offered on ships; and also the ironwork, both functional and also decorative, supplied in furniture and in the building trades. (See also ironwork.)

The blacksmith’s most constant occupation, however, was farriery. In horseshoeing, the blacksmith an initial cleans and also shapes the sole and rim of the horse’s hoof through rasps and knives, a procedure painless come the animal owing come the tough, horny, and nerveless personality of the hoof. He then selects a U-shaped iron shoe of ideal size from his stock and, heating it red-hot in a forge, modifies its shape to to the right the hoof, cools it by quenching the in water, and affixes it to the hoof through nails.

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Most towns and villages had a blacksmith’s shop where steeds were shod and also tools, farm yard implements, and also wagons and carriages were repaired. The ubiquity the the profession can be inferred, in the English-speaking world, from the pervasiveness of the surname “Smith.” Blacksmiths also came to it is in general-purpose repairers of farm equipment and also other machinery in the 19th century. Through then, however, blacksmithing was currently on the decline, as more and an ext metal write-ups formerly do by hand to be shaped in factories by equipments or made by inexpensive spreading processes. In the industrialized world, even the blacksmith’s mainstay, farriery, has greatly decreased with the loss of steeds from use in agriculture and transport.