I promise ns Googled an initial -but if a fatherless son is called a “bastard” What is a fatherless daughter? Or to complement the relationship in this question What is a motherless daughter called? are there any type of o0ther state to right the various absent parent circumstances?

Bastards no fatherless. They are born the end of wedlock.

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A ‘Bastard Child’ have the right to be male or female.

Perhaps ‘Bastardette’ fits?

A bastard deserve to be a child or a daughter, and also it go not typical “fatherless” – it way that the mommy is unmarried. Because that example, wilhelm the Bastard (King William ns of England and also Duke of Normandy) did have actually a father (Robert, duke of Normandy), and also his dad made william his heir, yet his parental were no married to each other.


I promise ns Googled very first -but when a fatherless child is dubbed a “bastard” What is a fatherless daughter? Or to complement the relationship in this inquiry What is a motherless daughter called? are there any type of o0ther terms to right the various lacking parent circumstances?

It’s more than likely true that we hear “bastard son” much more than “bastard daughter”, however the dictionary definition makes no gender distinction, therefore the latter is simply as valid together the former.

ETA: what Deflagration and Giles said.

Back in the old days, a child who had lost one parent yet not both was a ‘half-orphan’ (and may well have actually been sent out away what to live in an asylum). The term no gendered.

Just come clarify - Bastard is a term indicating that the kid in question (male or female) is illegitimate, either born out of wedlock, born come a mistress, or born come a morganatic wife. The term suggests that the child has actually a lesser society standing 보다 the dad (who is generally the only one who mattered). Sometimes this was just a matter of inheritance law, sometimes it was a crippling society stigma. It varied.

Bastardy isn’t usually a term supplied in matrilineal cultures - most mothers understand who your daughter is, as they to be there because that the event. Adoptioned, step-mother/step-daughter, and orphan space terms which cover the exceptions, and also disinheriting or shunning covers the spreading off of currently daughters through a mother who doesn’t desire her.

It was commonly less listed or significant to have bastard daughters than bastard sons, as daughters couldn’t inherit most times anyway. Occasionally it was useful - a bastard daughter couldn’t mean to need the same level the dowry - or regrettably - a bastard daughter couldn’t be used as a social token for the family’s advancement through her marital relationship - because that individual family members however, for this reason the hatchet did use to both sons and daughters.

In contrast, a half-orphan was any kind of child, masculine or female, with just one parent. In times and places wherein widows had actually truly limited choices, a kid without a father to be considered about the same as a true orphan, and also were sometimes thought about even worse off than total orphans, since he/she had actually the mommy to support rather than only themselves.

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A kid could likewise be a half-orphan or one orphan and still stand in line because that inheritance, or might be a bastard. The terms weren’t exclusive.