The native rhinoceros is a combination of 2 Greek words – rhino (nose) and also ceros (horn).

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There are five living varieties of rhinoceros – white, black, better one-horned, Javan and also Sumatran. In addition, a variety of other animals have rhinoceros as component of their names, including the rhinoceros auklet, rhinoceros beetle, rhinoceros chameleon, rhinoceros cockroach, rhinoceros fish, rhinoceros hornbill, rhinoceros iguana, rhinoceros rat snake, rhino shrimp, and rhinoceros viper. All of them have horn-like appendages on your have additionally been referred to as pachyderms.The surname pachyderm also comes from 2 Greek native – pachys (thick) and derma (skin). Many years ago, zoologists grouped a number of thick-skinned varieties together together pachyderms, consisting of, tapirs, horses, elephants, hippos, pigs, peccaries, and also hyraxes. This classification is no longer taken into consideration useful, yet the name is still supplied every now and also then.Rhino is sometimes used as a nickname.A number of people have been offered the nickname Rhino. They include American professional wrestler and also actor terrycloth Gerin (Rhyno), mark Smith from the British show Gladiators, guitarist Larry Reinhardt (El Rhino) from the tape Iron Butterfly, and David Unsworth, a previous British football star. The national rugby groups of south Africa and also Indonesia are also known together the Rhino horns space not do of bone, however of keratin, the same material discovered in her hair and fingernails.A rhino’s horn is not attached come its skull. The is actually a compacted massive of hairs that proceeds to prosper throughout the animal’s lifetime, as with our own hair and also nails. The longest horn on record belonged come a white rhino and also measured just under 60 inches (five feet). By comparison, a woman from ras Vegas, Nevada is believed to have actually the world longest fingernails – around 10 feet precious on each hand – if a mrs from China apparently holds the record for the world longest hair – end 18 feet in length! Regrettably, neither human hair nor fingernails are thought to possess the healing properties that part people believe are found in rhino horn. If people believed they did, they might chew their own nails and cut their own hair in order to feeling well, and halt the needless slaughter the fossil skull an initial thought come be that of a dragon, turned the end to it is in from an extinct woolly rhinoceros.In the city the Klagenfurt, located in southern Austria, stand the statue of a legendary dragon or Lindwurm, sporting a crocodile-like body and bat-like wings. The statue was erected around the year 1500, around thirty years after a huge skull had actually been uncovered somewhere nearby. Sculptures provided the skull as a model for the dragon’s head, but it was only centuries later on that scientists figured out it as belonging to the extinct woolly rhinoceros the the last ice cream Age. The closest life rhino loved ones are tapirs, horses and also zebras.
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These animals are known as perissodactyls or odd-toed ungulates. Even toed-ungulates are called artiodactyls and include cattle, deer, antelopes, goats, sheep, pigs, camels and also llamas. have three toe on each foot so, in a way, their tracks resemble the Ace that Clubs. A group of is referred to as a crash.A team of deer is dubbed a herd, a group of fish a school, a group of bats a colony, a group of turkeys a flock, a team of bees a swarm, a group of alligators a congregation, a group of clams a bed, a team of frogs an army, a group of penguins a rookery, a team of hyenas a clan, a team of lions a pride, a group of wolf a pack, a team of coyotes a band, and a group of crows a murder. Who thinks of these names?Some use their teeth – not their horns – for defense.When one Indian rhino defends itself against a predator or an additional rhino, the doesn’t usage its horn to gore the opponent. Instead, it slashes and also gouges viciously v the long, sharp incisors and canine teeth on its reduced jaw. Neither the black color nor the white rhino has actually incisors. Only the Indian and also Sumatran have actually canines, but all five types have 3 premolars and also three molars on each side of your upper and also lower jaws. Go this to memory … there will be a quiz tomorrow! An adult white rhino can develop as much as 50 pounds the dung every day!That’s a lotta poo! and also it’s the an outcome of having to consume large amounts the plant product to obtain proper nutrition. Nuances in the odor of dung deserve to tell a rhino a lot about others in the area. Every rhino’s smell is unique and identifies that is owner. The dung that a young rhino smells various than that of one adult. A male’s dung smells various than a female’s, and the dung the a female in estrus provides off a various odor than that that a non-reproductive female. Multiple or communal shop of dung are recognized as middens, basically serving as local “websites” or ”Facebook pages”, permitting to save up with their neighbors. White no white and also black no black.The white rhino’s name is taken indigenous the Afrikaans word “wyd,” which way “wide” and also describes the mouth. Early on English settlers in southern Africa misinterpreted the “wyd” for “white”. Black probably got their name from the dark wet mud in their wallows that made them show up black in color. Both species are essentially gray in color. By comparison, the famed Blue Rhino, corporate logo design for the well-known propane tank company, is completely a figment that its founder’s imagination. Rhino pregnancies critical 15 – 16 months!The only animals with much longer gestation periods are elephants, which bring a fetus because that close to 2 years! Camels and also giraffes have actually pregnancies lasting 13 to 14 months, when female horses, sea lions and dolphins have the right to require approximately a year to give birth. A bear’s gestation duration is about seven or eight months, a lion’s less than four, and domestic dogs and cats about two. The document for the shortest mammalian pregnant is 12 come 13 days, organized jointly by the Virginia opossum, the water opossum or yapok of central and south America, and the indigenous cat the and also elephants space not mortal enemies.

The legend of hatred in between these two varieties dates earlier to ancient times. In fact, in 1515, King Manuel ns of Portugal decided to view if it were true. He had actually been offered a female Indian rhino by the surname of Ganda, who was provided a house in his royal menagerie, away from the elephants. One day, however, the King arranged for a fight between the beasts, hosted in a courtyard and also attended by the imperial family and also their guests. The youngest elephant in the king menagerie was led right into the arena from its stable. The tapestries hiding the rhinoceros were drawn open. An official observer composed that the rhinoceros appeared furious and also immediately charged she foe, for this reason violently the the young elephant broke complimentary of her chain, uttered a tremendous cry and also bolted to security through a thick collection of stole bars. This event most definitely helped sustain the myth.The white rhino is the largest rhino types and the largest land mammal ~ the elephant.White can prosper to weigh much more than 5,000 pounds, i beg your pardon is almost as lot as a soil Rover rolling follow me on the Serengeti. Next in size is the Indian or greater one-horned rhino, which may actually stand taller 보다 a white rhino, however is simply a bit much less massive. Then come the Javan rhino and the black rhino. The Sumatran rhino is the the smallest of its kind, v the largest people barely getting to a ton in weight. A huge male hippopotamus have the right to actually exceed the largest rhino in size – possibly by as much as half a ton – but since it spends most of that time in rivers and also lakes, biologists think about it one aquatic, not a soil mammal.Perhaps the most well known rhino in the human being was one called Clara.Clara to be a female Indian rhinoceros that toured Europe because that 17 years throughout the 1700s. Clara’s mom was killed by hunters in Assam, India in 1738, after i beg your pardon she was adopted by Jay Albert Sichterman and became a household pet. Clara to be then marketed to a dutch sea captain, Douwemunt valve der Meer, who somehow got her safely to Rotterdam, rubbing down her skin v fish oil and providing dietary supplements the beer and also tobacco. Clara’s European travels are documented in a book called Clara’s Grand tour by Glynis Ridley, and included stop in The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, France, Italy, Denmark, and also England. African have actually a symbiotic partnership with oxpeckers, also called “tick birds”.In Swahili, the oxpecker is called askari wa kifaru, which method “the rhino’s guard”. The oxpecker eats ticks and other insects the it finds on the rhino, and creates a commotion when it senses danger. This help alert the rhino. Indian or higher one-horned have comparable symbiotic relationship with various other bird species, consisting of the famous myna.Throughout your history, have been a very diverse group.Paleontologists think that at least 30 genera and also 60 different types of rhino ancestors once occupied North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. The extinct varieties Paraceratherium, commonly referred to together the “giraffe-rhinoceros”, to be the biggest land mammal that ever lived. That is head got to a elevation of practically 28 feet – together tall as a three-story building – and paleontologists estimate that it may have actually weighed as much as 20 tons! The the smallest rhino ancestors were the Hyracodontidae, which were just the size of dogs. There was also a team of aquatic, hippopotamus-like, the Amynodontidae, that resided in North America and Asia.Humans space the significant threat to, yet several other types are likewise rhino predators.The two types most regularly reported to food upon – typically young people – room lions in Africa and also tigers in Asia. However, leopards, hyenas, wild dogs and also Nile crocodiles are additionally known to death African rhino calves on occasion. By far, though, people are’ #1 enemy.Most wild rhino calves never satisfy their fathers.After mating, adult male and also female commonly go their different ways. After the calf is born, the will probably spend a couple of years or more in the company of that is mother, and also perhaps associate with other females and their calves, however the dad rhino is not component of the typical social group.Three that the 5 surviving rhino species – the black, Javan and also Sumatran – are Critically Endangered.This way there is at least a 50% possibility that these varieties could come to be extinct at some point this century. In between 5,000 – 5,400 black color currently survive in nine African countries, essentially dual the number the existed only 20 years ago, so that varieties is actually enhancing slowly. Sumatran supplied to be uncovered from the foothills the the Himalayas to the island that Sumatra. Today, however, not much more than 80-100 people are thought to make it through as scattered populaces in Indonesia. The historic selection of the Javan rhino was similar to the of the Sumatran, however the varieties currently numbers no much more than 67 individuals, all limited to Ujung Kulon national Park on the western pointer of Java. The black color rhino has actually a prehensile top lip that allows it to feeding on trees and shrubs.The black color rhino likewise has no former incisor teeth, so it relies greatly on the lips to lug food to its mouth. By contrast, the white rhino, the other African species, has a long, flat upper lip that is designed much more for grazing ~ above grasses. The black rhino have the right to be contrasted to a tree pruner and the white rhino to a lawn mower. The upper lips the the three asian rhino varieties are additionally prehensile to some degree, and also other mammals v prehensile lips include bears, giraffes, horses, llamas, moose and manatees.Black, white and also Sumatran have actually two horns; Javan and greater one-horned have one horn.The Sumatran rhino, back it has two horns, is not at all closely related come Africa’s black color or white It is the earliest of the life, having actually appeared practically 15 million years ago, and also its closest loved one is in reality the extinct woolly rhinoceros. Black and also white appear to have developed from a common 6 million-year-old ancestor and also remain really closely related. The evolutionary courses of the better one-horned rhino and the Javan rhino be separated a bit much more recently, their typical ancestor dating ago perhaps 2 to four million years. Curiously enough, many female Javan don’t appear to have any kind of horn at all! Is a hornless rhino one oxymoron? Rhino horn has been supplied for centuries in traditional eastern medicine, yet has not been proven to cure any kind of illness.Powdered rhino horn has been prescribed by oriental doctors because that centuries as a cure because that a wide range of diseases or conditions including aging, arthritis, asthma, black color magic, boils and also carbuncles, chest cold, chicken pox, convulsions, coughs, demonic possession, diphtheria, dog bites, dysentery, epilepsy, fainting, fever, fits, food poisoning, hallucinations, headache, hemorrhoids, impotence, insanity, laryngitis, lumbago, malaria, measles, melancholy, storage loss, myopia, night blindness, nightmares, sleep bleed, plague, polio, prescription overdoses, rectal bleeding, scorpion stings, smallpox, line bite, toothache, typhoid, vomiting and also worms. There is no evidence from western scientific studies the it has any curative powers yet at the very least one Chinese study problems those data. And, of course, its usage is illegal.Andatu to be the first rhino ever born in captivity in Indonesia.
On June 23, 2012, the mrs Sumatran rhino well-known as Ratu offered birth to a 60-pound male at the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary, located in Indonesia’s method Kambas nationwide Park. Roughly 16 month earlier, Ratu had actually mated with the masculine rhino, Andalas, that was born at the Cincinnati Zoo in 2001 – the first Sumatan rhino born in captivity in end a century. Andalas’ and also Ratu’s baby was named Andatu, a mix of his parents’ names, but also an expression that means “A Gift indigenous God”, in the Indonesian language. The most famous piece that rhino artwork is Albrecht Durer’s woodcut, The Rhinoceros, printed in 1515.

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The fact that Durer’s rhinoceros is not completely accurate is not surprising. Durer never laid eyes on a life rhino, however made his well known drawing based upon the sketch of an unknown artist who had. The pet was originally sent together a gift native Sultan Muzafar II that India to Alfonso d’Albuquerque, the governor of Portuguese India in ~ the time, who ultimately “re-gifted” it come Dom Manuel ns I, the King that Portugal. Dom Manuelwho climate “re-gifted” it again come Pope Leo X in Rome. Unfortunately, the watercraft carrying the unfortunately rhino sank prior to it reaching its final destination, yet the animal’s image has actually been reprinted numerous times over the centuries.