my "82" 320i is approaching 300K and also is burning sufficient oil to foul plugs nice quickly. Ns took it come a brand-new mechanic yesterday and also he recommend i install a collection of non fouler plug sleeves. DORMAN component # 42004They evidently place the plug in such a method that castle won"t acquire oil fouled.I"m no so sure I think him yet I could be willing to experiment.Anybody out there have know anything about these ?
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I don"t know how you might run those and also maintain ANY type of burning efficiency. Plug location and proximity come the flame front is important. These fully shroud the plug.

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"81 320i turbo
| t25, 931 CIS, 240hp, 13.92
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Oddly enough, thay in reality work. Back in the day, a friend of mine had them ~ above his Chevy truck because that over a year till it threw a rod. They also work come mask a bad converter ~ above OBDII systems. Far better start loking for either a donor motor or setup on rebuilding that one, though, as they"re just a temporary fix.
throttle lift oversteer is a method of life and should it is in celebrated. There are couple of things as much fun as steering a vehicle through a corner with the throttle.

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Yes, castle do work on Chevys
My critical trip residence with the 327 - had 4 pistons with holes and also 5 set of ring in the oil pan
Be aware that; on it"s critical trip residence you may burn holes with the pistons.That oil burns an extremely hot!The anti-foulers are just a bandaid - do not warm rod it!
I agree through both over posts to a details extent. They certainly aren"t great from a power standpoint. Having the plug completely shrouded would certainly kill combustion efficiency and make because that a sub-optimum engine.However, together toyotech said, they execute *work*, and I understand of a couple of people that have actually run castle with good results. In ~ the finish of the day, if it method the difference in between you gaining to job-related or finishing up stranded, execute what you have to do to get the project done. Just be ~ above the lookout for a brand-new engine for when the inescapable time comes.On a fun side note: Drilling out among the larger plug anti-foulers to expropriate a bosch wideband 02 sensor (the threads room the same yet the pointer is a little bit too large) and enlarging the feet at the bottom provides for a very nice, price effective heatsink because that an LC/LM-1 wideband, allowing you to operation them a little closer to the collector/turbine real estate without burn them to ash.