Opponent location vs. Position (OPRK), sometimes well-known as defense vs. Position, is a common feature on day-to-day fantasy sites. It boils under to how numerous fantasy clues per video game a team permits to football player of a certain position into one color-coded ranking.

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A team that enables the most fantasy points come opposing power forwards will have a big, environment-friendly "30th" alongside PFs dealing with them on a slate. A player facing a team the shuts PFs under would have actually a red "1st" alongside their name. Like a traffic light, the color-coding offers an latent message: green means that player"s a go, when red way don"t pat roster lock in that tough matchup.

On the surface, that sounds choose it should be helpful. It shows up to it is in a device that can assist DFSers indiscriminately and also objectively eliminate poor matchups from contention when structure a lineup when prioritizing players with those enviable "green" OPRKs.

But in actuality, OPRK is a mostly useless and an overly simplistic source that offers a false feeling of sound statistical backing. It only serves to more separate the casual DFS football player from the experts by remove deeper analysis from the equation. There is no context, OPRK is meaningless; with context, OPRK is calculation irrelevant.

OPRK just works a measure of protective success in a people where players are fully one-dimensional and predictable in your positional roles, however that"s just not exactly how the video game is play today. Fluidity ~ above offense way that the textbook meanings of positions ("ball-handling suggest guards," "perimeter-scoring shoot guards," "mid-range-scoring forwards" and "interior-scoring centers") room outdated.


It"s not sufficient to take a PG and also assume the player will excel in assists, or roster a PF and expect strong fantasy manufacturing on the boards. Today"s game is now driven by suggest forwards, large fives, combo guards and defensive specialists. If you took 10 football player from any type of one position, you"d see numerous variations on exactly how they accrue fantasy value.

For example, a team"s OPRK against centers doesn"t in reality tell girlfriend anything around how they enhance up versus different types of centers. They perform not differentiate in between the types of centers the played in ahead games.

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A team could excel at limiting the fantasy production of defensive-minded centers who derive lot of their worth from rebounding however that doesn"t mean they will have the ability to contain the external shooting capacity and play-making the Karl-Anthony Towns.


There"s additionally the issue of a player"s in-game positional versatility. Carmelo Anthony will certainly be listed among the little forwards on the vast majority of DFS web page this season. Injuries could necessitate the he plays a big portion the a video game as the team"s nominal power forward. What an excellent does his opponent"s OPRK against SFs carry out you if that isn"t filling that duty when he"s top top the floor?

The only method to know just how a team defends certain varieties of players is to research their defense and also pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses. Execute they have actually a huge man capable of defending out to the three-point line? go the defense prefer to slack off their foe to aid clog the lane versus slashing guards? execute they cant well together a team or will they be conducive in DFS come a player whose floor is sustained by a steady stream of rebounds?

Of every fantasy sports, basketball is probably the most complex. Video game script and real-world strategy are very important. Make the efforts to stand for the intricacy that the game in OPRK is pointlessly reductive. You will be far better served by digging right into the minutia of team stats -- and watching as much video game footage as you can uncover -- to try to understand just how uniquely gifted players relate to each other as soon as they accounting the floor in ~ the exact same time