Chemical aspects placed in a tabular kind according to your atomic number is known as regular table.

The facets located beside one another in a periodic table have comparable mass. In a period, the mass variety of adjacent aspect varies by very couple of atomic mass. For example, Potassium and calcium are placed nearby to each other. Potassium has actually atomic mass: 39.10 u and also calcium has 40.08 u. Similarly, Vanadium has atomic massive 50.94 u and also Chromium has atomic mas 52.00 u lie adjacent to each other.

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answer would certainly be letter an option (a), a ball relaxing on a shelf. Would be an additional example the potential energy > stored energy > no moving.

a round spinning top top a finger > kinetic power > relocating energy

a round rolling top top the soil > kinetic power > moving energy

a sphere flying through the waiting > kinetic energy > moving energy

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the little 0.38-kg slider is recognized to move from place a to position b follow me the vertical-plane slot. Identify (a) the job-related done on the body by that weight and (b) the occupational done ~ above the body by the spring. The street r = 0.70 m, the spring modulus k = 154 n/m, and the unstretched size of the feather is 0.53 m


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Red’s momentum vector prior to the collision is green’s momentum vector ~ the collision. Inquiry 1 options: shorter than longer than equal to concern 2 (1 point) saved since green bounces turn off red, this have to be an collision. Inquiry 2 options: explode inelastic elastic question 3 (1 point) saved red transfers of its inert to green throughout the collision. Concern 3 options: tiny all many none question 4 (4 points) why walk red move all its momentum to green? ago up her answer with details from the simulation. Write at least 2 sentences. Concern 4 options: skip toolbars because that . Much more insert actions. An ext text actions. An ext paragraph style actions. Inquiry 5 (1 point) currently make red lot heavier than green. Answer the questions below to describe how both red and green behave ~ the collision. You might want come play the center multiple times. Click restart or return balls to start over. To watch numbers, check the present values crate (inside the environment-friendly box). Red throughout the collision because it moved some inert to green. Concern 5 options: increased kept the same velocity slowed down inquiry 6 (1 point) green sped up during the collision as it inquiry 6 options: lost momentum to red maintained a continuous momentum. Gained momentum from red question 7 (1 point) after ~ the collision . . Question 7 options: red bounced off green and went to the left. Green moved to the right. Both green and also red quit as they have lost every momentum. Red stopped and green moved to the right. Both green and red relocated to the right. Question 8 (4 points) only some that red’s inert was moved to green. Why walk this occur? back up your answer with information from the simulation. Compose at least 2 sentences. Question 8 options: skip toolbars because that . Much more insert actions. Much more text actions. An ext paragraph layout actions. Question 9 (1 point) currently make red lot lighter than green. Prize the questions listed below to define how both red and green behave after ~ the collision. You could want to play the sim multiple times. Click restart or return balls to start over. To view numbers, check the display values crate (inside the green box). Which is true about the collision? concern 9 options: eco-friendly slowed down after the collision as such it must have actually lost momentum. Green increased after the collision therefore it must have lost momentum. Green increased after the collision as such it need to have acquired momentum. Environment-friendly slowed down after the collision thus it have to have got momentum. Concern 10 (1 point) since green gained momentum, red had to have momentum due to the fact that you cannot create or destroy momentum. Inquiry 10 options: shed kept the very same amount of got question 11 (1 point) due to the fact that green to be so much and also harder to move, it led to red to bounce back to the left providing red . Question 11 options: lighter. . . . An adverse heavier . . . . Negative lighter. . . . Hopeful heavier . . . . Confident question 12 (4 points) now, click on much more data in ~ the bottom of the sim. Beat with different numbers for the masses and beginning velocities. You can also make the beginning velocities negative! phone call me one thing you discovered by adjusting the speeds and masses. Create at least 2 sentences. Be specific and usage words choose velocity, momentum, mass, increased, decreased, etc. Inquiry 12 options: skip toolbars for . More insert actions. More text actions. Much more paragraph layout actions. Component 2: inelastic collisions concern 13 (1 point) click on the "less data" box at the bottom of the sim. In the environment-friendly box, slide the elasticity meter every the way to inelastic so over there is 0% elasticity: do the masses every little thing size suits you. Make certain that green starts out v a velocity of 0 m/s – if you didn’t readjust this in the last step, you don’t have to do anything. Push play and observe! true or false: once red and also green collide, lock stick together. Concern 13 options: true false concern 14 (1 point) the velocity that red & green after the collision is the velocity that red began off with. Inquiry 14 options: larger than smaller sized than same to