A most my family and friends understand that ns love the birds and know a small bit about them. If i don’t my significant birder husband absolutely does as he keeps bird perform of birds that he has actually seen in our backyard, in the county that we live in, the state that we live in, and all various other states that we have actually been to. I would say that he certainly knows his birds much more than me.

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So the course when someone look at an exciting bird they favor to phone call us about it. One bird in particular, the Crane, was standing out as we have actually been told by rather a few people the they saw one at one time or another. Castle tell united state that they to be walking along the beach, or by a lake or pond, and also they observed a Crane feeding or walking in ~ the water’s edge. The course once we hear this we immediately know that it is not a Crane yet a great Blue Heron.

How do we know? it is because an excellent Blue Herons room year round birds in nice much all of the unified States. Cranes on the other hand are usually just seen throughout their migrate time (late September through December) wherein we live in Kentucky. If you are lucky enough, you may see Sandhill Cranes in flocks flying over as they move south indigenous their northern breeding areas for the winter. So correct some civilization may it is in correct as soon as they speak they have seen a Crane and also that’s why we constantly ask questions just to do sure.



Sandhill Crane


How can you tell the difference between a Heron and also a Crane?

Great Blue Herons and also Cranes execute look very comparable with their lengthy legs and also long neck but they space not in the exact same family. So the is understandable that people get castle confused. Right here are a couple of ways to tell castle apart:



Sandhill Cranes in flight


Great Blue Heron in flight


One sure way is come look at your necks. A Crane’s neck is much shorter than the Heron and also when flying they stick your neck directly out. The Heron curves its neck right into an “S” shape and it is pulled all the method back when flying. 

Cranes have shorter beaks than herons.

Another method is by their behavior. Crane’s travel in flocks together in broad open places and also do no go in trees. Herons are an ext solitary birds and also generally are seen alone. Herons will perch and nest in trees as well as marshes, ponds, riverbanks, and also fields.

You will see great Blue Herons all year long roughly lakes, ponds, and beaches however you will certainly not necessarily view a Crane (depending on where you live) This is because we only have 2 varieties of Cranes in north America which room the Sandhill Crane and also the Whooping Crane. The Whooping Crane is endangered with about 220 recorded birds so it is going come be less likely to watch one. Sandhill Cranes live way up north during reproduction season, migrating much more south from around late September through December.


More Facts About good Blue Herons

Great Blue Herons live in both freshwater and also saltwater habitats feeding top top fish, reptiles, insects, and other birds. They can likewise be viewed in grasslands and farming fields stalking frogs and small mammals.

The oldest good Blue Heron live to be 24 years old. Many live to be 15 years old.

Great Blue Herons have the right to be anywhere from 3 come 4.5 feet tall. Your wingspan 5.5 to 6.6 feet.

They can quickly strike food at a distance with their specially shaped neck vertebrate.

They have the right to hunt both day and night with their specially adjusted eyes.

While an excellent Blue Herons are an extremely solitary birds they will swarm in colonies.

Male Herons room monogamous birds yet find a various mate each year.

Herons colony not only in trees however also on land making use of grass to develop their colony instead of sticks.




In Conclusion

The great Blue Heron is a stately looking bird the is very comparable to the Crane, one more stately bird. Both birds space grayish in color, have actually long legs, and also long necks. Many people mistake Herons because that Cranes as such but they room not of the exact same family. Cranes are taller however have much shorter necks and also beaks. As soon as flying Cranes stick your necks straight out when Herons curve their neck into an “S” shape and pull it means back.

Herons space solitary birds the you have the right to see along the shoreline of a lake, beach, or pond. They like to perch and nest in trees, marshes, and also riverbanks. Girlfriend may additionally see lock in areas as they prefer to feeding on frogs, birds, and small mammals.

On the various other hand, Cranes are typically seen in large flocks in open up lowlands and agricultural fields. Castle eat little rodents, fish, amphibians, insects, grain, berries and also plants.

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Whether you check out a good Blue Heron or a Crane girlfriend can’t go wrong. Both are majestic birds the are good to watch in the wild!

Can friend tell the difference between a Heron and also a Crane? do you have any type of comments the you would favor to make about this post? I would certainly love to hear native you. Please perform so below.