There space a *ton* of different fragrance commodities on the market, and it can be supervisor confusing to tell the difference and also figure the end which items are best for you. I mean, what also is the difference between body spray and also perfume? Aren't castle the same thing?

Well, they kind of are! follow to, body spray is a less concentrated form of perfume. Both products are developed with a mixture the extracts and oils that provide off satisfied smells, and also body spray merely adds more water to the mixture 보다 perfume does. Due to the fact that body sprays are much more diluted, they are frequently less expensive and can beapplied straight to the body. ~ above the various other hand, perfume need to be provided only top top clothing and not sprayed onto her skin. The fragrant of human body spray usually fade much faster than perfume and also can be much more regularly applied.

Now the you know the couple of differences in between body sprays and perfumes, you might be wondering wherein to discover these products and also test them out for yourself. Luckily, we have you covered! below are some of our all-time fave body sprays and also perfumes:

Body Sprays

Bath & human body Works


Bath & body Works renders some of the most well known body sprays top top the market. V *tons* of scents to choose from and at one affordable price, these room perfect daily scents to wear come school, sports, running errands, or chilling at home. Bathtub & human body Works, $14.50

Victoria's an enig PINK


Another good body spray alternative is indigenous PINK: the funny floral notes room especially good in warmer summer months.They space the perfect size to litter in her purse or backpack and also bring through you come reapply transparent the day. PINK, $16.50

Sol de Janeiro


This brand of skincare freshly became available on Sephora's website, and the human body fragrance mist is like summer in a bottle.With yummy caramel notes, it is the perfect finishing touch to any kind of beachy-chic look this summer. Sephora, $19




Known for cultivating natural cosmetics that assist your true beauty light through, Glossier is really popular brand all throughout the world. The perfume fragrance is distinctive from other options on the market since it cases to react in different ways on everyone's body. The sweet muskynotes produce "the ultimate personal fragrance" and make this a must-have or your perfume collection. This perfume in reality won an compensation in 2018 native The Fragrance Foundation, so you know it's gotta it is in good!Glossier, $60

Ariana Grande


Our favepop star has her own line that perfume that you can try for yourself at Ulta Beauty. The packaging on these products is *beyond* glam, and the sweet scents are perfect for daily use that will certainly last throughout her busy day. You have the right to collect every one of her scents and also show off just how much of an Ariana pan you really are! Ulta, $54

Juicy Couture


Viva La Juicy will always have a special ar in my heart because it to be the an initial real perfume I ever before wore once I to be 13 years old.

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This scent will never ever go out of style and also is guarantee to acquire you loads of compliments from people around you. It's obtainable just around everywhere, and also one of the most standard perfumes because that girls to ever before exist (I may be a little biased, yet I promise you won't regret buying this one!) Kohl's, $35