Main difference – Inference and Prediction

Both Prediction and Inference refer to guessing what happens in the future, and these 2 terms room most frequently used interchangeably. However, over there is a unique difference in between Prediction and also Inference. The main difference in between inference and prediction is that prediction is foretelling a future event or one occurrence whereas, inference is additionally a comparable concept, but here the future occasion or occurrence is inferred by analyzing the evidence and facts. Both these concepts are used as approaches in language teaching, particularly in doing reading comprehensions.

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What is Inference

Inference is arriving at a conclusion after ~ logically examining the evidence and also facts. That is a theory formed around implicit evaluation based top top evidence and clues.

For example, imagine that you are asked to guess the direction the the plot of the novel you room studying in class. Here, your answer will certainly be based on the nature that the characters, the plot so far, information around the author, etc. That is come say, in this instance, characters, plot, setting, tone, etc. The the novel plot as ideas to assist you to infer. This technique is regularly used in teaching language in classrooms.

When us talk around inference and also reading, a good reader constantly read in between the lines and also infer what happens next in a book.


What is Prediction

Prediction is a forecast around a future event or a happening. This is similar to foretelling. A prediction is no generally based on evidence or clues. This have the right to be based on past endure or reasoning.

This technique is also widely supplied in reading understanding passages. The students are asked come look at the title/heading the the passage and also guess what the passage is about. Here, the students room making suspect without proper information.


What is the difference in between Inference and also Prediction


Inference: Inference is forecasting about a future occasion with the help of easily accessible evidence.

Prediction: prediction is a forecast around future.


Inference: A future event is inferred native looking at the evidence i.e. Accessible information.

Prediction: No such info is easily accessible for prediction.


Inference: A conclusion is got to after logically examining the evidence.

Prediction: A conclusion is got to without evidence.


Inference: A good reader always uses inference in reading.

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Prediction: prediction is not used if you intend to check out the whole document/book.

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