Alternatively described as the mb, mainboard, mboard, mobo, mobd, backplane board, base board, main circuit board, planar board, system board, or a logic board on to apologize computers. The motherboard is a published circuit plank and structure of a computer that is the biggest board in a computer chassis. The allocates strength and enables communication to and between the CPU, RAM, and also all other computer system hardware components.

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Motherboard overview

A motherboard offers connectivity in between the hardware components of a computer, like the processor (CPU), storage (RAM), hard drive, and video clip card. There are multiple varieties of motherboards, designed to fit different varieties and size of computers.

Each kind of motherboard is draft to job-related with specific varieties of processors and memory, so they don"t work-related with every processor and kind of memory. However, hard drives are mainly universal and also work with the majority of motherboards, regardless of the type or brand.

Below is a picture of the ASUS P5AD2-E motherboard through labels alongside each the its significant components. Click the picture directs you come a larger and more detailed version.


Where is the motherboard located?

A computer system motherboard is situated inside the computer system case and also is where most of the parts and computer peripherals connect. V tower computers, the motherboard is top top the left or ideal side the the tower and also is the best circuit board.

Motherboard components

Below are links to pages with much more details because that each that the motherboard contents mentioned in the ahead section. The links are provided in clockwise order starting from the top-left edge of the image. Materials not labeling on the image over are discovered in sections afterwards this page.

Older motherboard components

The complying with list contains links to materials that are not presented in the picture above or were component of older computer motherboards.

Motherboard type factors and also types

As computers advanced, so have actually motherboards. Listed below is a list of the miscellaneous motherboard type factors and extr information about each, consisting of ATX, i beg your pardon is the most common.

How plenty of connections, ports, or slots are on a motherboard?

There"s no set standard to how many connections, ports, or expansion slots are on a motherboard. The best method of determining how numerous connections, ports, or slots are available for your motherboard is come look up the specifications consisted of in the documentation. If you"ve lost or discarded her motherboard"s documentation, friend can often download a complimentary PDF version from the manufacturer"s website.

Why are the slots and also connections different colors?

The slots, ports, and connections ~ above a motherboard might be color-coded to assist identify the type of slot, port, or connector. For example, with our motherboard picture, the concept connectors are different colors to help identify the main and second connectors. When the memory slots are different colors, it shows the memory slots are dual-channel, and also pairs of memory must be set up on the exact same channel (color). For example, in ours picture, the yellow memory slots are Channel A, and Channel B space the black slots. If you were just installing two memory sticks, you"d want to download both of them in Channel A (yellow slots) because that optimal performance.


See ours color-coded page for information and also examples that the shade of the harbor on the ago of the motherboard.

How does a motherboard affix to a computer system case?

A computer motherboard connects to a desktop computer computer case using standouts. When the motherboard is attached to the case, all various other devices affix to the motherboard chin or an expansion card.

What to be the an initial motherboard?

The an initial motherboard is taken into consideration to it is in one offered in the IBM personal Computer, released in 1981. At the time, IBM referred to as it a "planar" rather of a motherboard. The IBM personal Computer and also the motherboard within it would collection the conventional for IBM-compatible computer system hardware going forward.

Since there is a motherboard, is over there a fatherboard?

No, there is no such point as a fatherboard when referring to a computer. However, over there is together a thing as a daughterboard.

Where go the motherboard get its name?

The daughterboards we mentioned in the previous ar are circuit boards that all plug right into one larger central circuit board; a motherboard. The smaller sized boards deserve to be thought of together the main board"s "children," therefore the surname motherboard.

Are Dell, HP, and other OEM motherboards different?

Yes, OEM motherboards indigenous manufacturers prefer Dell and also HP space slightly different than other motherboards you"d find from a retailer. One OEM designs their motherboard because that their needs for each model of computer. Some OEMs may even make drastic alters that go past the typical motherboard kind factor. However, back an OEM motherboard may have actually it"s differences, visually they frequently look an extremely similar. Also, if there hasn"t been too many changes, it might be feasible to change the OEM motherboard through a sleeve motherboard. Because that OEM computer systems with lots of differences that need replaced, you"ll require a replacement from the OEM or through a third-party the sells components from used computers.

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Is there a motherboard in a laptop, smartphone, and also tablet?

Yes, back the board is often referred to together a "logic board" and also not a motherboard. The logic plank is very similar to a motherboard and operates the very same way. However, because of size needs with most logic boards, components like the processor and also RAM (in tablets and smartphones) space soldered onto the board. Also, because many the these gadgets have no upgrade options, there room no slots or sockets like a timeless computer motherboard.