The answer is 0.508gramThe molecule mass because that aspirin (C9H8O4) should be 180g/mol. One mol is created of 6.02* 10^23 molecule. So, the massive of 1.70×1021 molecules of aspirin would certainly be: (1.70×10^21 molecules) * (1 mol /6.02* 10^23 molecule) * 180g/mol= 0.508 gram

is the mass of that aspirin.

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Further Explanation:

Avogadro’s number is a mathematics number that determines the variety of atoms or molecule in one mole that the substance. The value of Avogadro’s number is

. This units have the right to either be atom or molecules.

There space

in one mole that aspirin. As such the number of moles in that aspirin have the right to be calculated as follows:


The moles of aspirin deserve to be calculate by the following formula.s

…… (1)

Rearrange equation (1) for the fixed of aspirin.

…… (2)

The molar fixed of aspirin

deserve to be calculated as follows:

" /> …… (3)

Substitute 12.01 g for the atomic mass the C, 1.008 g for the atom mass of H and also 15.99 g because that the atom mass of O in equation (3).

\&= left< 108.09 ext g + 8.064 ext g + 63.96 ext g ight>\&= 180.114 ext g/mol\endaligned" />

Substitute 0.002823 mol for the moles of aspirin and also 180.114 g/mol because that the molar fixed of aspirin in equation (2).


Therefore the massive of aspirin is 0.508 g.

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