2019 every Capita Product Exports | Imports: $2.82k | $1.65k, 82 that 219 | 128 of 219

2018 service Exports | Imports : $57.7B | $92.9B, 15 the 125 | 9 of 125


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Overview In 2019 Russia to be the number 11 economic climate in the people in regards to GDP (current US$), the number 13 in total exports, the number 21 in full imports,the number 65 economy in regards to GDP every capita (current US$) and also the number 45 most complex economy according to the Economic complexity Index (ECI).

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Exports The height exports the Russia are Crude Petroleum ($123B), polished Petroleum ($66.2B), Petroleum Gas ($26.3B), charcoal Briquettes ($17.6B), and also Wheat ($8.14B), exporting mainly to China ($58.1B), Netherlands ($41.7B), Belarus ($20.5B), Germany ($18.9B), and also Italy ($16.7B).

In 2019, Russia to be the world"s greatest exporter that Wheat ($8.14B), Semi-Finished steel ($6.99B), charcoal Tar Oil ($4.49B), life Nickel ($4.03B), and Nitrogenous fertilizer ($3.05B)

Imports The height imports that Russia are Cars ($11B), Packaged Medicaments ($10.2B), vehicle Parts ($8.21B), Broadcasting equipment ($6.75B), and Planes, Helicopters, and/or Spacecraft ($4.81B), importing mostly from China ($47.1B), Germany ($30B), Belarus ($13.4B), United claims ($9.21B), and also Italy ($8.79B).

In 2019, Russia to be the world"s biggest importer the Refractory Cements ($162M), background ($144M), precipitation Copper ($141M), Hydraulic turbines ($75.6M), and also architectural Plans ($20.1M)

Location Russia borders Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia, and North Korea by land and United States and also Japan by sea.

Overview In July 2021 Russia exported $47B and imported $25.4B, resulting in a optimistic trade balance of $21.6B. In between July 2020 and also July 2021 the exports the Russia have actually increased through $25.7B (120%) indigenous $21.4B come $47B, if imports enhanced by $8.17B (47.4%) indigenous $17.2B to $25.4B.

Trade In July 2021, the optimal exports that Russia were Crude Petroleum ($9.61B), refined Petroleum ($5.55B), raw Aluminium ($5.31B), assets not somewhere else specified ($4.34B), and Semi-Finished iron ($2.06B). In July 2021 the optimal imports the Russia were products not elsewhere specified ($1.7B), Telephones ($905M), automobile Parts ($900M), Packaged Medicaments ($670M), and Cars ($664M).

Origins In July 2021 the exports the Russia were largely from MOSCOW, THE funding OF RUSSIAN FEDERATION ($15.6B), KRASNOYARSK territory ($4.2B), ST. PETERSBURG ($2.5B), LIPETSK an ar ($1.79B), and SAKHALIN an ar ($1.58B), if imports destinations were largely MOSCOW, THE funding OF RUSSIAN FEDERATION ($11.4B), MOSCOW region ($2.79B), ST. PETERSBURG ($2.33B), KALININGRAD region ($764M), and also KALUGA an ar ($750M).

Destinations In July 2021, Russia exported mainly to China ($6.11B), Netherlands ($3.51B), Turkey ($3.08B), Germany ($2.71B), and United claims ($2.08B), and imported mainly from China ($5.89B), Germany ($2.36B), United claims ($1.59B), France ($1.53B), and also Belarus ($1.28B).

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Growth In July 2021, the rise in Russia"s year-by-year exports was described primarily by an increase in exports to China ($2.57B or 72.7%), Turkey ($2.35B or 323%), and Netherlands ($2B or 133%), and product exports boost in crude Petroleum ($5.26B or 121%), life Aluminium ($4.91B or 1.25k%), and also Refined Petroleum ($3.29B or 146%). In July 2021, the increase in Russia"s year-by-year imports was described primarily by boost in imports from China ($1.42B or 31.8%), France ($1.04B or 212%), and Germany ($691M or 41.5%), and also product imports rise in assets not in other places specified ($1.16B or 219%), automobile Parts ($351M or 64.1%), and also Packaged Medicaments ($349M or 108%).