The square root of 252 specifies a number who square results in the initial offered number 252. As 252 is no a perfect square, hence, that is daunting to express 252 in regards to two very same numbers. Hence, the square root of 252 results in one irrational number Let’s deal with for the value of the square source of 252 using couple of different methods and also solve some interesting difficulties as well.

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Square root of 252: √252 = 15.874507Square of 252: (252)2 = 63504
1.What Is the Square root of 252?
2.Is Square source of 252 reasonable or Irrational?
3.How to discover the Square root of 252?
4.Important note on Square root of 252
5.FAQs on Square source of 252

What is The Square root of 252?

The square source of 252 in decimal type is = 15.874507.The square source of 252 can be composed as √252 and also (252)1/2.The square root of 252 have the right to be simplified to 6√7.The number 252 is not a perfect square together its square source is not an integer.

Is Square source of 252 rational or Irrational?

The square root of 252 is a non-terminating and non-repeating number. Hence, the square source of 252 is an irrational number since it can not be to express in the type of p/q where q ≠ 0.

How to uncover the Square root of 252?

Square root of 252 using Prime factorization Method

The prime components of 252 in pairs: (2 × 2) × (3 × 3) × 7.Now, the square root of 252: √252 = √((2 × 2) × (3 × 3) × 7).So, the square root of 252 = (2 × 3)√7 = 6√7.

Square root of 252 By lengthy Division

Start group the digits by illustration a line over that from the unit’s ar in pairs of two. We get two pairs in this case (2 & 52).Find a number(b) whose product through itself b × b ≤ 2. So, b will certainly be 1 together 1 × 1 ≤ 1.We gain the quotient and remainder as 1. Now, add the divisor b through itself. Thus, we gain the brand-new divisor 2.Bring down the next pair that 52. So, our brand-new dividend is 152. Now find a number(m) such that 2m × m ≤ 152. The number m will certainly be 5 together 25 × 5 = 125 ≤ 160. Thus, hence we get the remainder together 4.Add a decimal in the dividend and quotient component simultaneously. Also, include 3 pairs of zero in the dividend part (252. 00 00 00) and repeat the over step for all the pairs of zero.

So, we gain the square source of √252 = 15.874 by the long division method.


Explore square roots utilizing illustrations and also interactive examples

Important Notes:

The square root of 252 is an irrational number.The square root of -252 is an imagine number.

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Example 2: Find the square source of 252 making use of the approximation method?


First, uncover two continually perfect squares in between which the number 252 will certainly lie. The two perfect squares are 225 (152) and 256 (162). Therefore, the totality number component of the square root of 252 will be 15.Now, because that the decimal part, us will use the below formula:(Given number - smaller sized perfect square) / (Greater perfect square - smaller perfect square) = (252 - 225)/(256 - 225) = 27/31 = 0.87

Hence, the square source of 252 via the approximation technique is 15.87.