Zayn Malik from One Direction had never to be on a airplane before X-Factor, which makes sense together he"s terrified the heights!



If you’re a pan of Zayn Malik – the previous member of the popular British boy-band One Direction, inspect out these optimal fifty fun facts & see how plenty of you don’t know!

Zayn Malik to be a member in the well-known British band One Direction.

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His middle name is Javadd.

Zayn is 28 year old. He to be born top top January 12, 1993, at Saint Luke’s hospital in Bradford, England

His star authorize is Capricorn.

Zayn’s name is originally spelled ‘Zain’, however, he prefers ‘Zayn’.

‘Zayn’ means ‘Beautiful’ in Arabic.

Zayn is a Muslim.

His shoe size is 8½.

Zayn very first appeared on X Factor as a solo artist.

Originally, he used to be on the 2009 collection of X-Factor, however, he pulled out prior to the auditions started.

On march 25, 2015, Zayn announced the he was going to leaving One Direction.

In January 2016, Zayn released his an initial solo monitor Pillowtalk, indigenous his debut solo studio album psychic of Mine.

Zayn has both his ears pierced.

His father is indigenous Pakistan.

He has light brown eyes.

Zayn has one larger sister and also two younger sisters called Doniya, Waliyha, and also Safaa.

Zayn’s very first kiss was at age 10, v a girl called Sophie Kirk.

Pillowtalk debuted at number one on the UK Singles Chart,with 112,497 sales and also over 4.972 million streams for the an initial week.

Zayn claimed his perfect day would be relaxing at house with his family.

Zayn suffers native acrophobia, which is the are afraid of heights.

Before X Factor, Zayn had actually never to be on a plane.

Zayn’s X Factor serial number to be #165616.

He deserve to play the triangle.

Zayn is a cat lover, his favorite pet is a lion.

He has a pet dog referred to as Boris and also two cats referred to as Rolo and also Tom.

Zayn had two various other cats as soon as he to be younger, dubbed Lolo and Lily.

He likes clever girls.

His favourite food is chicken.

Zayn is a smoker.

One that his hobbies is drawing.

In Arabic, Malik means ‘king’ or ‘chieftain’.

He can’t swim together he never had lessons once he was younger.

One of the most bizarre points Zayn has seen a fan carry out was hiding in a bin to prevent being checked out by security.

In 2009 Zayn collection a world record because that the highest ever sugar cube tower!

His favorite Pokémon is Oshawott.

If you fulfill him and also give him her Twitter name, he will follow you.

Whilst filming for Comic Relief in Ghana, Zayn broke down in tears.

He ripped his boxers once, and also a fan told him.

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Zayn held Harry’s hand when Harry his first tattoo.

He is scared of the dark!

In April 2012, Malik got a brand-new tattoo top top his left collarbone which translates to “be true to that you are.”