Pok?mon Emerald different from Ruby and also Sapphire in that you hit both Team Magma and also Team Aqua. After defeating Team Magma, the team departs with Team Aqua in pursuit. The following step proceeds your progress.

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Go under Jaggered Path

Walk down Jaggered route until friend run right into a suspicious-looking Magma Grunt next to a rock.

Battle the Magma Grunt

After beating the Magma Grunt in battle, the mentions a hideout.

Obtain the Magma Symbol

Defeat the Team Aqua Grunts, and also then speak to the lady. She gives you the Magma Symbol.

Go to the hideout

Return to the spot where the suspiciously Magma Grunt called you around the hideout. The Magma Symbol reasons an opened to become visible. Enter the hideout.

Defeat enemies, and also pick increase items

There are countless Magma Grunts come defeat and also plenty of items to assist you.

Defeat Tabitha

As friend walk v the hideout, you at some point run into Tabitha. After ~ winning the battle versus him, you discover Maxie and also Groudon sleeping. Maxie offers the Blue Orb to wake up Groudon. After ~ waking up, Groudon runs away. Maxie believes you are at fault and challenges you come a battle.

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Defeat Maxie

After shedding the battle, Maxie flees, and Team Magma has lost.

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