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Hey guys, This can seem favor a dumb question however I have to know. Ns didn"t gain a hands-on with the car.Just want to know what form of fluid the 06 SS uses and how lot does it hold. Gonna perform my trans here in the next week or so as soon as I acquire the parts. Is it just dextron 3. Or does it use one more number. Likewise what brand come use and also should it be a synthetic type or normal fluid.Just ordered 1,000 dollars in components to upgrade the car. When I am all done ns will get pics. Upgrading the whole braking mechanism to overcome drilled and slotted rotors. Thanks againJer

It must tell friend in your owners manual. But a general preeminence of thumb, all new Dex formulas space backward compatible (exceptions listed below). IE, you have the right to use Dex vi on a automobile the initially required Dex III, or Dex II... I dont think Dex II is even easily accessible anymore, and GM recommends using the most recent Dex formula in its place. Conversley, Dex formulas are NOT front compatible, so never use Dex III because that a transmission that was built with Dex by means of in mind. Basically, usage Dex VI...Vehicle applications not approved for Dex by means of usage: Chevrolet Aveo and also Equinox, Pontiac Torrent and also Vibe. CVT Auto Trans, hands-on trans, power steering... May have actually missed some

Yupp! Although, the wouildnt hurt come crack open up the owner manual and also take a look. Have to be in the consistent maintenance ar under check the tranny fluid.

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Yeah thanks for confirming.6 appears to be what is needed from what I have actually read from also. Hope this tranny last till I pay it off. However if it does blow putting in another far better transmission would certainly be a an excellent idea.Jer
Good dominance of thumb has been stated on here before buy cheap adjust often.That being said I like the castrol fluid.
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