The distinction between lamb and also sheep is of their age. The one v over one year of age is referred to as sheep when the one i beg your pardon is much less than one year of period is known as a lamb. Both lambs and also sheep might be slaughtered because that food, but lamb meat prices a much greater price than lamb meat, an ext commonly known as mutton. In this article, we will compare Lamb vs. Lamb in details.

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Comparison Chart

DefinitionLamb is a young sheep that is listed below than the period of one year and best recognized for its demand for soft meat.Sheep is a ruminant mammal that is over one year of age.
Drink mom MilkYesNo
AgeLess than one yearOver one year
Share in LivestockComparatively lowComparatively high
Meat DemandMoreLess
Meat TasteTenderGemmy
FoodDrinks the milk the a sheep.Grazes top top the grass.
TypeMeatLamb, Mutton, Hogget.
Religious ValueChristianityIslam

What is Lamb?

Lamb is a young lamb that is listed below than the period of one year and best recognized for its need for soft meat. Most of the people confused the word sheep and also lamb for the very same word and the very same animal. However, there are lots of differences in between these two. If talk about the obvious differences climate lamb has less structure as compared to the sheep. Moreover, both domestic and also wild get an impressive lambs have actually no horns in ~ all.


These heavily relies on mummy milk and don’t eat as lot grass as sheep use. In a simple world, lamb deserve to be interpreted as a lamb in its very first year. The meat is an ext expensive as compared to sheep and also other mutton based animals. In recent years, the need for the meat has increased because its meat is tenderer as contrasted to the meat of many of the animals. Back the demand for lamb is high since of that meat, it has no far-reaching contribution in livestock because of low manufacturing for meat, wool and no production for milk in ~ all. In Christianity, lamb has religious value. In Christianity, the Lamb of God is a title used for Jesus.

What is Sheep?

Belongs come the Ovis aries species, lamb is a ruminant mammal that is up grown for livestock purpose. Sheep has a better share in the breed boy industry throughout the globe because of that is meat and milk. Many of the human being confuse in between sheep and lamb. The obvious main difference between both is that the very first one is end one year of period while after that is below the period of one year. Moreover, the meat of sheep is gemmy and also need to it is in skewed an initial to gain tenderize.


Domestic lamb are also different native wild lamb as these are fairly small ruminants having crimpled hair also known together wool. Moreover, these also comprise that horns in form of a lateral spiral. However, most of the residential sheep that room breed by humans have actually no horns at all. The other distinctive difference between domestic sheep and wild sheep is that they are now bred in lot of colors if wild lamb are still accessible in sport of brown hues. Residential sheep shade can variety from dark cacao brown come white and even spotted and also piebald. It has the largest share in the livestock due to the fact that of milk and meat. Sheep is given status in Islam once Abraham was slaughtering his child Ismail, and it was changed with sheep slaughtering by point of view Gabriel.

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Key Differences in between Lamb and also Sheep

The key Differences in between Lamb and Sheep in between Lamb vs. Lamb are provided below:

Young male sheep referred to as a ram when the young masculine lamb is dubbed a ram lamb.Young female lamb is dubbed as ewe when the young woman lamb is referred to as a eweA team of lamb is dubbed flock when a group of sheep is dubbed mobs or bands in enhancement to the flock.Sheep is the main species and denotes those Ovis varieties while the lamb is the sub-species.The meat that a lamb is tenderer as compared to the of sheep.The need for lamb meat is higher than the of sheep.The dieting actions of sheep and also lamb are likewise different. The very first one relies on the legumes and also grass while the later on one relies heavily on a fat diet particularly mother’s milk.Sheep don’t drink mother’s milk when lamb drinks mother’s milk.Sheep has an ext wool as contrasted to lamb.Sheep has a long tail as contrasted to lamb.Lamb meat is an ext reddish comparatively lamb meat.Sheep deserve to be used for milk and meat while lamb has actually no various other purpose except meat.Sheep is supplied for acquiring wool, and it contains much more wool as contrasted to lamb.Lamb is slaughtered when it is in between four to twelve months while lamb is slaughtered once it is end one year of age.Lamb meat is of mild flavor and also is much more versatile as contrasted to the of lamb meat.Sheep’s meat is lot fatter as compared to lamb meat.Lamb meat is normally tender while lamb meat is often stewed to gain tenderizeSheep has a higher contribution to livestock when lamb has actually no together significance except meat in some component of the world.Sheep’s meat is cheaper than lamb meat.Sheep has strong teeth or incisors come ear grass if lamb has milk this as it depends on the mummy milk.In Christianity, lamb has religious value, however there is no such status of lamb exists. Lamb is given status in Islam as soon as Abraham was slaughtering his child Ismail, and it was readjusted with lamb slaughtering by point of view Gabriel.Sheep have horns forming a lateral spiral when lambs don’t have actually horns at all.The meat of a lamb is referred to as as hogget while the meat of lamb is dubbed as mutton in enhancement to hogget.

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