If just a man asking for her number was simply a case of him gift interested in you. Sadly, this isn’t constantly what’s walking on. Over there are assorted reasons why a male would want to gain your digits, and also knowing what his motivations room can help you number out the best way to respond and also avoid gaining your really hopes up. Below are 11 factors he’s questioning for your number.

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He felt intense chemistry.

If you’ve just met the guy and also he’s questioning for her number, it can be the he’s feeling the spark just as much as girlfriend are, yet be careful. Make sure he’s not simply trying to acquire your number because that a hook-up. He should at least present you that he’s keen to chat and get to understand you before he asks for her digits.

He desires to have actually sex tonight.

Now, if that hasn’t also said two words come you yet he’s hoping to get your number so that he can text you later (even despite it’s already after 9 p.m.), he could just desire to have sex. He’s not looking for the opportunity to obtain to recognize you better and isn’t yes, really interested in talking, actually. Oh no, right here come those horny texts…

He thought you to be interesting.

You’ve been chatting come the man for two hours also though you’ve simply met. You males are clicking and he tells you that he’s interested to know more about you and your life. So, he asks you for her number in ~ the finish of the conversation. This is a an excellent sign that he’s clearly interested in acquiring to invest some much more time through you.

He’s questioning you the end on a date.

Now, he can think you’re intriguing and also gorgeous, but does he desire a date? If he tells you he’d love to take you out, that’s an evident sign he’s asking for your digits to set up a date. Other signs that he’d love to walk on a date include if he makes numerous eye contact, the spends more time v you than anyone rather in the room, and also he’s flirted v you come the suggest where you have the right to safely say he’s interested.

He desires to be an excellent buddies.

Ladies, just because a guy asks friend for her number, it doesn’t mean that he’s romantically interested. He could just really enjoy chatting and laughing through you and he’d love to have an ext of the fun, exciting conversations the you share. You’ll understand soon enough if this is his factor for questioning for your number by checking out what the does. Because that example, if he’s only ever interested in texting and never actually hints that he’d like to walk out, you’re sliding right into the friend zone.

He’s questioning for his friend.

If his girlfriend were around earlier and then he had the courage to ask for your number, it can not be for him but one the his friends who doesn’t have actually the balls come ask friend himself. The course, if the guy’s decent, he’ll phone call you the the number’s because that his friend. If you’re not certain who the friend is, don’t offer your number! you never understand where it’ll end up.

He feel pressure.

Here’s a sticky situation: the male wasn’t to plan on asking for her number, but perhaps you strong hinted that it would certainly be good to exchange numbers and also he felt choose he had actually to go in addition to it. If that looks a bit tense while questioning for her number or he argues taking yours instead, then maybe he’s not actually all that keen on chatting via text.

He wants to do his girlfriend jealous.

If you recognize the guy’s dating someone, why would certainly you also want to offer him her number? He can be hope to do her jealous. Various other signs incorporate if he frequently moans about his girlfriend or provides you a ton that attention as soon as she’s around. Awkward and also creepy. Stay away native this jerk!

He want to continue the conversation.

If he was rushing off and you men couldn’t finish your exciting conversation, he might’ve inquiry for her number so friend could continue chatting via text. This might not necessarily average that he’s into you, however he’s plainly interested in chatting come you. Hey, maybe that’s the first step…

He wants to keep his options open.

He might be dating lots of women however he doesn’t want to rod to simply one. So, the asks you for her number in the hope that he can acquire his ego stroked by you (yeah, he noticed exactly how you were staring at his sexy lips). This guy might just text you when he’s bored or horny, though, so you’ve to be warned.

He offers his number to everyone.

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climate there’s the man who will provide his number to anyone who glances in his direction, so he’s obtained hundreds the women’s numbers on his phone. Probably this makes him feel more confident, or he’s simply a friendly guy. If he’s the type to be charming to everyone he meets, then don’t obtain your wishes up. He’s more than likely not acquisition this seriously, and also neither need to you.

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