Is her boyfriend simply as obsessed with you together you space with him? This is a serious inquiry that every girls ask themselves. Guys tend to be a small shy about their feelings. Even if the doesn"t completely outright to speak it, he could be emotion the very same way as you.

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Our task is to record the signs. Luckily we"ve compiled a list to aid you out.

2. The asks for her advice.

Nothing better than a phone speak to in the grocery store asking your opinion ~ above a food brand he"s about to buy.

3. That doesn"t hide his phone around you.

Goodbye Tinder and Snapchat tings. If that openly supplies his phone when you"re hanging out, he has actually nothing to hide.

4. That talks around wanting come be with you even when friend aren"t together.

Him: "I simply want to be with you appropriate now." You: *heart melts*

5. He wants to acquire to know you on a depths level.

Talking around your family, friends and also past is a an excellent thing.

6. The talks about the future.

Planning summer work trips renders your heart go eight da boom, eight boom, da boom.

7. He"s presented you to his family and also friends.

The mom introduction is huge, so great on you. If the guys know about you, that"s also a good thing.

8. That makes an initiative to get to understand your friends.

Nothing far better than a man who can mingle ~ above his own and be comfortable about your crew.

10. The cares around your happiness and also is security of you.

Not in a stunner way! He just looks the end for your wellness in every situation.

11. He says an excellent morning and also goodnight top top the daily.

Whether it"d be a rapid text or a phone call, he"s constantly contacting you.

12. He keeps a photo of you 2 in his room.

Just since you offered it come him doesn"t median he has to put it to an excellent use. Brownie clues +1 if that does.

13. He makes you feel at residence in his place.

Your toothbrush + body shower have a long-term spot in his bathroom.

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Outside that the generic "funny, smart, and also beautiful," Liorti claimed he"s actually trying to find two details qualities in a person.

"Someone I deserve to sit in a room through doing certain nothing and also still have actually an impressive time. You know, that human who just makes friend feel good by simply being through them," the said. ", someone that can complement my power and assist me be a better man/someone who I can aid be a far better woman."


yourpalrick | Instagram

"If us date, there is a 100% chance I will certainly make you watch every the harry Potter movies and every video game of Thrones episode from begin to finish," the told "Also, mine guilty satisfied is medical professional Pimple Popper, and if girlfriend squeeze your toothpaste indigenous the middle instead of the bottom, over there is a 0% chance we can be with each other lol."

We inquiry Liorti if there was something that forgot to add to his video clip and regretted it.

"My height!" that said. "Didn"t establish this, yet according come the comments, it"s a huge red flag if you don"t short article your height. People were commenting trying to guess my height based on the depth the the swimming pool which offered me a great laugh."


Apartment hunting is chaotic AF & you should act fast

Alex Arsenych |

If you favor an apartment girlfriend see, you pretty lot need to sign and also submit your applications even prior to you leave her viewing. That is a competitive industry to rental a place in Toronto, and because of that, there will regularly be multiple bids top top the same unit the you"re feather at.

As shortly as you check out a location that girlfriend love -- or at the an extremely least checks most of your boxes -- don"t possibility it and put down a deposit as soon as you space able.

The TTC isn't actually that confuse & Uber is unnecessary

Alex Arsenych |

Calgary and Vancouver have actually some nice solid windy transportation, however moving come Toronto and trying to number out the TTC to be a entirety other beast. With various subway and streetcar lines, and buses that run 24-hours-a-day, it is overwhelming at first.

Eventually, the does get easier, and once you number out the difference between east and also west, you"ll also know what side of the communication to stand on that"ll acquire you closest come the departure for the station you"re heading out at.

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On optimal of that, the TTC consist of a fair bit of floor in the downtown core. Uber is basic option but totally not essential if you"re getting approximately the 6ix. The TTC might have organization closures every now and then, yet it"ll quiet be much easier on your wallet.