As expected, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” component one had actually a large premiere. However, due to the fact that the movie collection started prior to the final publication was released, there room some gaping plot holes in the “Deathly Hallows” movie. In defense the Warner Brothers, it was unavoidable. Since the movies to be in production as the publications were gift released, Warner brothers didn’t know what seemingly innocuous plot point would at some point play a major roll in the last movie. Together a result, over there were several things that were introduced in “Deathly Hallows” that left moviegoers who had not check out the books puzzled.For those of girlfriend who have actually not read the books, and at the risk of revealing what a geezer I am (oh wait a minute, you currently knew that), here are explanations to some of the plot holes.

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**Warning, these space spoilers if you have actually not seen the movie yet**

Why is bother carrying approximately a mirror shard?

The winter shard to be a gift indigenous Sirius provided to harry in “Order that the Phoenix.” The mirror is part of a set that allows people to interact with every other. After ~ Sirius’ death, Harry put it in his institution trunk and forgot around it. He later discovered the broken mirror while pack at the start of the “Deathly Hallows” book. He kept it with him because early in the novel, he experienced an eye looking in ~ him with the mirror. Reasoning that it might somehow it is in Dumbledore, Harry take it the mirror with him when he left the Dursley’s house. The fact that Harry think the eye on the other end of the winter belongs to Dumbledore gives a clue as to who that is and this person will pat a roll in the 2nd movie.

Who is Bill, and how did that get along with Fleur?

In case you missed it, invoice is Arthur and also Molly Weasley’s eldest son. Ron mentions him with out the movies, however not learning that he would play a function in the last book, Warner Brothers cut him the end of the vault movies. Invoice is a member of the bespeak of the Phoenix, and in the book, he acquired the scar on his confront from Fenrir Greyback throughout the battle between the fatality Eaters and also the Order in ~ the end of “Half-Blood Prince.”

Bill very first met Fleur as soon as he, Arthur and Molly visited Harry during the Triwizard tournament in “Goblet the Fire”. They meet again in “Order of the Phoenix” once Fleur gets a job at the Gringotts Wizard financial institution where invoice works. I found it specifically strange the it was no made clean in the movie the the wedding at the Weasley’s house was Bill and also Fleur’s wedding.

Where was Dobby?

With the exemption of Neville, Dobby more than likely received the many cutting during the adapting that the novels into movies. After gift freed at the end of “Chamber of Secrets,” Dobby go to job-related with the other house elves in ~ Hogwarts. In the books, Hogwarts has an military of home elves that clean the castle and prepare the banquets because that the students. One of the subplots reduced from the “Goblet of Fire” movie was Hermione’s crusade because that House-elf’s rights.

In the novels, Dobby played a semi-important roll in “Goblet that Fire,” “Order that the Phoenix” and “Half-Blood Prince.” as a matter of fact, in the novel, it to be Dobby who gave Harry the gillyweed in “Goblet that Fire,” not Neville. Because Dobby was cut out that the ahead movies, that was added to the scene with Kreature and Mundungus Fletcher so the he would certainly have another presence in the movie other than him showing up at Malfoy Manor just to be killed ten minute later.

Why walk Kreature follow Harry?

In the beginning of the “Half-Blood Prince” book, bother finds out that Sirius bequeathed Number 12 Grimmauld ar to that in his will. Together with the house, Kreature, the residence elf, additionally passes on to Harry. As a result, Kreature is bound to do every little thing Harry requests.

What occurred to Regulus, and how did that switch the end the locket?

In the publication version of “Deathly Hallows,” Kreature tells Harry, Hermione and Ron the Voldemort requests that Regulus enable him come borrow his home elf. Voldemort climate goes come the cave shown in “Half-Blood Prince” and makes Kreature drink the potion from the basin. When it is empty, Voldemort places the locket into the container before it refills. After returning to Grimmauld Place, Kreature tells Regulus what happened. Regulus then orders Kreature to take it him to the cave. Once there, Regulus drink the potion out of the basin and also switches the lockets. He then orders Kreature to leave and destroy the horcrux. Regulus die in the cave and also becomes one of the inferi in the pool neighboring the island wherein the container was located. A famous theory among fans is that the inferi that got Harry in the “Half-Blood Prince” movie was in fact Regulus Black.

What is the ring horcrux that Dumbledore destroyed?

If you missed the reference to the ring horcrux, it’s since it was just alluded to in the “Half-Blood Prince” movie. The ring belonged come Tom Riddle’s maternal grandfather Marvolo Gaunt. Tom Riddle stole the ring from his uncle Morfin Gaunt, that inherited the ring after ~ Marvolo’s death and also turned it into a horcrux. Dumbledore found and destroyed the ring throughout the summer in between the “Order the the Phoenix” and “Half-Blood Prince” books.

Why was the Goblin in the dungeon with Ollivander and also Luna?

If the looks acquainted to you, Griphook is the goblin the Harry meets in ~ Gringotts in “Sorcerer’s Stone.” In the book, the snatchers lug Griphook to Malfoy Manor with Harry, Ron, Hermione and also Dean Thomas. Griphook, and Mr. Ollivander, will certainly play key roles in the start of part two the “Deathly Hallows” movie.

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What is covering Cottage, and how did Ron know about it?

Shell head is the house of Bill and also Fleur. In the book, shell Cottage is wherein Ron go after his argument with Harry.