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when Macbeth sees the bloody dagger in plot 2, step 1, he is top top his method to Duncan"s chamber. The function of his visit to the room is to kill Duncan and take the crown the Scotland for himself.

Just prior to he watch the dagger, Macbeth is having second...

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When Macbeth sees the bloody dagger in plot 2, scene 1, he is top top his means to Duncan"s chamber. The function of his visit to the room is to death Duncan and also take the crown that Scotland for himself.

Just before he sees the dagger, Macbeth is having second thoughts about killing Duncan. Back he wants to be king, he does not desire to betray Duncan in such an evil and also violent manner. The dagger, however, shows up to it is in pointing the method to Duncan"s chamber, and also Macbeth interprets this as a authorize that he must act before he loses his ship completely:

Words come the warmth of deeds too cold breath gives.

We can interpret the dagger, therefore, as a physics manifestation that Macbeth"s ambition. Specifics his desire to it is in the king of Scotland.

After see the dagger and also hearing the signal from Lady Macbeth, Macbeth proceeds to Duncan"s chamber and also kills him.

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