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Trying to number out wherein to discover grenadine syrup in the grocery store? here are the aisles you’ll uncover it in…

We’ll additionally tell you which shop typically carry it. You can additionally click any of the links listed below to order the online.

Product Name

Good For

Monin Grenadine Syrup

If You have Food Allergies

Rose"s Grenadine

If You’re trying to find Bulk

Torani Grenadine Syrup

If You’re searching for Non-Alcoholic

Pratt traditional Cocktail company Old-Fashioned Grenadine Syrup

If You desire Shelf-Stable

Which Grocery keep Aisle Is Grenadine Syrup In?


You’ll many likely discover grenadine syrup v the cocktail mixes in the grocery store store. Depending on your state laws, these might be in a liquor aisle or beer and wine aisles.

Check the soda aisle, too. Plenty of grocery stores will organize grenadine with assets like society soda and seltzer.

Lastly, check the condiment aisle or the aisle v syrups and honey. However if friend haven’t spotted that anywhere, our store guide below can help you discover it fast…

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What Stores sell Grenadine Syrup?

Whole foodstuffs – You’ll view natural and also small-batch grenadines like little Hand Foods, Morris Kitchen and Barsmith at whole Foods. Examine the beverage and syrup aisle and the beer, wine and also liquor aisles. Safeway – Shopping at Safeway? Look for Rose’s and also Raft Essentials in the honey and syrup area. Trader Joe’s – protect against by trader Joe’s stores for grenadine syrup in the beer and wine area. Kroger – Kroger share Rose’s, Barsmith and also Raft Essentials in the alcohol and also pancake syrup sections of the store. Publix – If you’re happen by a Publix, stop in for Rose’s, Cherry male or Barsmith in the beer and wine section and the aisle with syrups and also nectars. Liquor Stores– many liquor stores offer cocktail mixing items choose grenadine.

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Great ways to usage Grenadine Syrup


Make Layered Cocktails

The ruby red hue the grenadine provides it a good layering aspect in vivid cocktails. Try it in tequila sunrises, festive fourth of July drinks through blue curacao and fun tropic punches.

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Make Shirley Temples

The famed Shirley Temple makes both kids and adults happy. You deserve to use ginger ale or Sprite, or do it with any type of light or organic soda you prefer. Or make a Roy Rogers with cola and grenadine.

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Use that in Fruit Salads

A splash the grenadine will turn fruit salads into refreshing desserts. You have the right to do this with any kind of grenadine, pomegranate or cherry-flavored syrup, and don’t forget to shot different ingredients prefer coconut and cacao nibs to do them extra special.