Solar radiation warms both floor surfaces and also water on our planet. Land surface absorb much much more solar radiation than water. This is as result of the fact that many land surfaces space darker than water i m sorry of course method more absorption of solar radiation and heat. Water reflects most solar radiation the reaches that surface ago to the atmosphere. Due to the fact that land absorbs much more solar radiation the land surface ar retains much more heat as execute the vegetation because that energy. Thus, land surface warm much more quickly 보다 water.

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Does floor or water warm faster?


2 thermometers2 plastic box (These have to be precisely alike.)SandWater


Pour sand into one of her plastic boxes come a depth of 2 inches. Pour water into the other plastic crate to a depth of two inches. The sand crate will stand for land when the water crate represents a human body of water.Place the two boxes in a location that receives straight sunlight.For a period of 30 minutes, check the temperature of both box every 10 minutes. Make sure to placed the thermometer down into the sand and water to get specific temperature of each material. Document the temperatures in a graph (see sample below) or plot the points on a graph.


The land surface ar will warm faster.

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Land absorbs much more solar radiation the land surface retains an ext heat as do the vegetation for energy.

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