Part 1: which of the complying with salts produce a straightforward solution in water: NaF, KCl, NH4Cl? choose all that apply.

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a. NaF

b. KCl

c. NH4Cl

d. None of the choices will form a simple solution.

Part 2: compose the reaction responsible because that the solution being basic. Do not incorporate spectator ions.

If you made decision multiple solutions in part 1, then compose the reaction for the most basic solution.

*I understand the answer to component 1 is (a) and also I thought the prize to part 2 to be F- (aq) + H2O (l) --> HF (aq) + OH-(aq) however apparently it is not, so you re welcome help*

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Anthony T.

i would have actually answered that the way you did.

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I agree through your assessment because that both parts. Not certain why you speak the answer to component 2 is not correct. Did someone tell you that? to be it not embraced by the "computer"? It seems correct come me. It is simply the hydrolysis of the fluoride anion.

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