Ahh, The Beatles! They were the heartthrobs of countless teens in the 1960s but where space they now? much more importantly, are any kind of of them still alive? plenty of grandparents room fond of sharing your memories of the Beatles v the younger members of their families.

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That started us wondering – just how old are the remaining band members now?


Ringo Starr and also Sir Paul McCartney | Fred Duval/FilmMagic

The initial Fab Four

The four young men from Liverpool took the civilization by storm in the at an early stage ’60s. V iconic songs like “I want to host Your Hand” and also “A tough Day’s Night,” the Beatles were a hit nearly from the start. Your appearance top top the Ed Sullivan Show top top February 9, 1964, to be watched by 73 million viewers. The was three-quarters of all the adult in the nation who watched TV!

Their every figure in publicly triggered close to riots by swooning fans. Beatlemania had actually arrived in America and also the American pop/rock scene would never be the exact same again!

What ended up being of the Beatles?

After 8 year of impressive success (and the stress that accompanies it), the group separation up in 1970. Each member left to pursue his own career. Songwriter and all-around musician Paul McCartney and also his wife Linda created the group Wings.

Fellow songwriter and also guitarist man Lennon sang with his wife Yoko Ono. Lead guitarist George Harrison and drummer Ringo Starr also began effective solo careers.

Ringo Starr

Born: July 7, 1940 Age: pull close 79

The prominent Beatles drummer is tho performing in live concert tours. His recent tour will kick turn off inWindsor, Canada on August 1st before heading because that the States. Through 22 performances scheduled for August 1st through September 1st, thisseptuagenarian is certainly not showing his age!

Sir Ringo Starr (originally Richard Starkey) is an actor,artist,director,musician, andwriter. Interestingly, that is both the oldest and youngest member that the Beatles. He to be the earliest by bear date however the last to join the tape – hence, the youngest Beatle!

Paul McCartney

Born: June 18, 1942 Age: nearly 76

McCartney has kept really busy since his Beatles days.Sir James Paul McCartney (to offer him his complete name and title) is an pet rights activist, composer, painter, poet, singer, songwriter, and also master of musical instruments. He plays the banjo, bass, cello, drums, several varieties of guitar, harpsichord, mandolin, and many other instruments.

He stills performs, as watched in the current anti-bullying video clip “Who Cares” with Emma Stone, and the sold-out mirrors on his existing Freshen up tour.

George Harrison

Born: February 24, 1943 Died:November 29, 2001 (Age at death: 58)

A 14-year-old Harrison reportedly auditioned because that a reluctant Lennon top top the height deck that a bus and was instantly invited to sign up with the band.Harrison came to be the Beatles’ command guitarist as well as a singer-songwriter through the band. That wrote and sang the lead on the No. 1 struggle Something. The song appeared on The Beatle’s last studio album, Abbey Road, in 1969.

After the band’s split in 1970, Harrison formed a studio band v Starr, Eric Clapton, Billy Preston, and an ext to record all of the songs the Beatles had actually never gained to. The result was anacclaimed three-disc album, All Things have to Pass.

Shortly afterward, Harrison organized a series of benefit concerts known jointly as the Concert because that Bangladesh. The ground-breaking concert collection raised$15 million for UNICEF and also inspiredLive Aid and Farm Aid. The resulting album additionally won a Grammy Award.

John Lennon

Born: October 9, 1940 Died: December 8, 1980 (Age in ~ death: 40)

Beatles founder Lennon shared songwriting and lead singer duties with fellow band member McCartney. As among the band’s command singers, he had eight No. 1 access time toMcCartney’s nine. Impressive occupational from both that them!

After the band split, Lennon walk on to release a dozen or so solo albums, many with the assist of his wife Yoko Ono. Lennon to be murdered by a crazed fan just two months shy that his 41st birthday.

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Incidentally, if you’re wondering why Lennon and also Harrison’s name don’t include the title of ‘Sir’, it’s since they both died prior to their previous bandmateswere knighted. Follow to the rule of the brothers Monarchy, only the living deserve to receive a knighthood.

The legend Beatles will never ever fade away

Even though your time with each other as a band was fairly short, the Beatles’ lasting affect on music proceeds today. The new film Yesterday is ample proof of that!