A+ Lunch>//i require 20 characters so here is a arbitrarily explanation, lunch does not autumn under misc reason its FOOD. You need that btw.

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Miscellaneous would certainly be anything the does not loss in a category such as for an instance tv shows:

Supernatural (2005)

Avengers (2012)

Avengers: age of ultron (2016)

Nightmare on Elm Street (1984

Halloween (2018)

Step-by-step explanation:

Avengers would certainly both go under "Action category"

Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween would go ~ above " horror Category"

Supernatural would get in Misc. Until you discover a complement for the item. Expect this Helps

The answer to 1 is sexualthe answer come 2 is asexualthe answer to 3 is sexualthe answer to 4 is asexual hope the helpsplease note as brainliest


Iam do the efforts to deal with a straight equation for the shoe dimension of someone 84" tall acquisition into consideration example 1 is 69" tall with a shoe size of 9 and also example 2 is 72 inches tall through a shoe dimension of 11. I know that the equation have to be y=mx+b and that top top the graph the answer is (3,2) but i simply don"t understand exactly how to develop the equation to settle for 84-inches and 60-inches tall questions. After 2 days, i require .
The art class is plan to paint a mural ~ above an exterior wall. This number is a scale illustration of the wall. Width: 11 in length: 28 in unit rate: 1.5 ft per in. Compose the ratio of the area of the drawing to the area of the actual mural. Create your answer as a unit rate. Present that this unit rate is same to the square of the unit price 1.5 ft per in
While making ice cream tea, you recommendation the solubility graph. What temperature would certainly be the finest to heat the tea when adding sugar, if you like your tea as sweet together possible? ...
Agroup of hikers purchase 8 bags of trace mix. Each nag includes 3 12 cup of follow mix. The trail mix is shared evenly amongst 12 hikers. How countless cups of trail mix will certainly each hiker get?...
But her eternal summer shall not fade, what is the best paraphrase the this line? a. This hot summer will certainly last forever. B. You space eternal and also will ne...
Which statement is an example of a clinical theory? a. The amount that caffeine affects a person"s heart rate differs based on the person"s age. B. The planet is the 3rd planet...
Describe just how islam began and discuss the similarities and differences in between islam, judaism, and christianity....

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