BRITISH comedian john Oliver and also his wife Kate Norley have actually been married since 2011.

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Norley and Oliver met in ~ the 2008 Republican nationwide Convention, if he was doing a item for The daily Show and also she was campaigning with Vets because that Freedom.


John Oliver and also his wife Kate Norley

Who is man Oliver's wife Kate Norley?

Norley is a former actress and also executive, known for her function in the 2009 movie

Norley joined the military after the 9/11 assault in brand-new York City and worked as a combat medic in Fallujah, Iraq.

She was also a mental health and wellness specialist counseling soldiers.

On her return to the US, she ended up being a passionate support for veterans.


Oliver and also Norley met in ~ the 2008 Republican national ConventionCredit: Getty

She has actually talked to numerous outlets and appeared ~ above Fox News to project for more funding for veterans.

Norley and Oliver's paths crossed in 2008 at the Republican nationwide Committee, whereby Oliver was there representing The day-to-day Show and also she was marketing for Vets for Freedom.

The two began dating quickly after meeting.

They got engaged in 2010 and married a year later in October 2011.

Do man Oliver and also Kate Norley have children?

Oliver and also Norley are parents to 2 sons, through their recent being born in 2018.

The pair kept the bear under wraps, v Oliver revealing it throughout an interview with People at the 2018 Emmy Awards Governors Ball.

When asked whereby he was going to keep the Emmy that won because that outstanding selection talk series, Oliver replied: “I have actually no idea! We have a three-month-old, for this reason as much away indigenous the three-month-old together possible.”

Jimmy Fallon congratulated Oliver top top his son's arrival during an episode of his show.

He additionally added: "I gotta be honest, ns didn't yes, really know around this baby until I speak to you backstage."

In response, Oliver explained why he and also his wife determined to keep the bear a secret from the public, saying: "Yeah, well, us didn't yes, really announce it due to the fact that it doesn't matter.

"To me, it problem a good deal, permit me simply make the clear.

"But just like, publicly, it simply doesn't feel prefer it's worth making — this is not a imperial baby, in regards to how far in heat he is to the throne.

Adding: "It's a peasant, I have a peasant child. So it didn't even cross mine mind that we must make a publicly thing about it, cause that appeared weird."





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What is man Oliver's net worth?

Oliver reportedly has a $30million network worth, according to Celebrity network Worth.

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The outlet reports the his yearly salary for Last Week tonight is $8million.


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